After all these years, Jacobs's thinking still contrasts starkly with the planning and economic orthodoxy of assembling large sites for master development and subsidizing the likes of Amazon.
The options for missing middle housing on a small redevelopment site are many, so here's a process to decide what choices make sense. Part 1.
A well-known new urban project has begun to reshape the relentless sprawl around it, but communities shouldn't wait for that to happen.
Glenwood Park Atlanta brownstones
Glenwood Park, Atlanta, on a former industrial site, was built to restore confidence that humanity can create wonderful, walkable, loveable places.
Pearl Brewery Redevelopment
At the turn of the millennium, the 26-acre Pearl Brewery in San Antonio was abandoned and desolate—a collection of empty buildings and pavement with only five trees. Now the ambitious Pearl Brewery Redevelopment is an economic and social powerhouse...
The noose around Rochester's downtown has been partly removed, breathing oxygen into the repopulation of the city center.
One of Buffalo's brightest spots of resurgence, Larkin Square combines adaptive reuse, restoration, and new buildings and public spaces that complement the old.
Once a railway coal siding and more recently a full city block of asphalt surface parking, North Philadelphia’s Paseo Verde now provides affordable, high quality, sustainable housing for a range of income levels. The former 1.9 acre...
A new book offers an in-depth report on how public officials, citizens, and developers are working together to create walkable and inclusive communities.
The market is much more receptive to the benefits of mixed-use today, but it is still easier to talk about main street retail than to effectively build it.
Great places are built in small increments, and urbanists are restoring America's know-how and capacity for small-scale development by many individuals in their own communities. Do you want to be a small developer?
Creating holistic neighborhoods from scratch was one of the first and still effective strategies of the New Urbanism.