Note: I am traveling today, picking my oldest daughter up from university. I hope that you and yours are safe. Public Square will continue to report on urbanism next week. All the best.
A massive skyscraper is being renovated as a mixed-use, walkable urban center in a city that was pronounced dead not too long ago.
The Mueller Airport redevelopment has charted a path to become one of the most livable, walkable places in Austin, Texas, with substantial affordable housing.
Milwaukee's Park East Corridor, on the national stage this summer, ultimately changed how the city views itself.
The town of Seaside has had an impact on city building in America over the last four decades. Here are 16 ways that the Florida Panhandle resort influenced development.
Retail success is tricky in new urban places—so pay attention to fundamental principles because buying and selling are essential activities in a walkable urban center.
The American housing industry is changing course—and this will transform neighborhoods and communities over time by providing more and different choices in housing.
Three women developers from across the US are helping to bring back their home cities.
Elkhart, Indiana, is implementing plans to attract young, talented, workers to start businesses and boost the economy.
Carmel, Indiana, builds a high-quality public realm at the heart of its new Midtown district.
A big increase in exurban growth is a wake-up call for regional planners, urbanists, and a public trying to rein in carbon emissions.
A large new urban project on a former airport near downtown Oklahoma City, the Wheeler District is off to a strong start.