An against-the-odds comeback, launched in the Great Recession, has brought life to a waning Main Street while enhancing the historic character of Senoia, Georgia. The project won a 2020 CNU Charter Award for Historical Concepts.
A new report looks at autonomous vehicles and other advancing mobility technologies with recommendations on how they can be used to create more livable communities.
Bok converted an abandoned vocational high school into a beehive of affordable workspace and and community activity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project won a 2020 CNU Charter Award in the Block, Street, and Building category for Scout LTD.
Across human history, crisis has always presented opportunities for innovation and will always be fertile ground for those fearless enough to look past the obvious obstacles at hand.
Main Street areas stand to do well as a result of entrepreneurial activity and market forces in the aftermath of the coronavirus.
The River District Implementation Plan is building a new walkable neighborhood across from downtown Elkhart, Indiana. Speck & Associates and Stantec’s Urban Places won a merit award in CNU's 2020 Charter Awards.


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