CNU co-founder Stefanos Polyzoides said of Bill Dennis: "We lost a brother."
A focus on one dimension ignores more important geographical aspects to public safety in a walkable city.
The boundary of a physical space counts for a major part of our spatial experience. Several distinct typologies for spaces contribute to a campus environment that is actively used.
The demand for multifamily and small-lot single-family housing, especially in walkable locations, will continue to rise over the next two decades, according to Arthur C. "Chris" Nelson, of the University of Arizona. This supply and demand mismatch...
Suburban cool, neighbors as developers, and how ancient roads still map prosperity
A mathematical equation helps to explain the endless variety of cities and the cookie-cutter sameness of conventional suburbs.


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John Anderson of

John Anderson of New Urban Builders offers 10 tips on designing neighborhoods and homes for energy conservation in sunny north central California: 1...

One of the basic tenets of new

One of the basic tenets of new urbanist planning is to establish an open street grid that promotes the free flow of pedestrian and automobile traffic...

An abundance of books have come out of

An abundance of books have come out of interest to new urbanists. These include: The Wealth of Cities: Revitalizing the Centers of American Life, by...

Builders move beyond McMansions in New Jersey

The future of housing development in the Garden State lies in denser, taller buildings, not in houses on large lots, says The New York Times.

Great Ideas

New urban design for an African village

The principles of neighborhood structure and buildings that relate positively to public space resonate with traditional Zulu culture and village geography.