Bulevar de Oriente converts a former sewage way into an exceedingly elegant linear park and a model for global green corridors. Alcuadrado Arquitectos SAS + Secretaria de Vivienda social y hábitat won the 2024 CNU Grand Prize Charter Award.
Revitalization of St. Patrick's and St. Hedwig's Parishes envisions a European-like village between churches in South Bend. The University of Notre Dame won a 2024 CNU Student Grand Prize Charter Award in the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor...
Winthrop Family Historical Garden redesigns an underutilized green space as a beautiful garden and public gathering spot in Chicago, Illinois. MKSK won a 2024 CNU Charter Award in the Block, Street, and Building category.
On May 15, new urbanists will gather in Cincinnati for CNU 32—with the chance to check out the city’s abundant urbanism for a few days. Unlike cities like Charlotte that have built a lot of New Urbanism in the suburbs, Cincinnati is all about infill...
Kingston Forward takes the art and communication of a form-based code to a new level in a historic New York State city. Dover, Kohl & Partners won a 2024 CNU Charter Award in The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town category.
Just Imagine SWLA is a long-term resilience plan for Calcasieu and Cameron parishes in Louisiana. The Community Foundation Southwest Louisiana and Urban Design Associates won a 2024 CNU Charter Award in The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town...



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Salinas downtown development

Widewaters Group, based in DeWitt, New York, and Robert M. Leidig & Associates, in Monterey County, California, have been authorized by the City...

New Partners conference draws largest crowd

The fifth annual New Partners for Smart Growth conference in Denver at the end of January drew the largest crowd ever for this event by a...

New Urban Network launched

The source for new urban planning, walkable communities, and smart growth.

Contrary to what preservation-minded visitors may think, the

Contrary to what preservation-minded visitors may think, the charming historic section of Charleston, South Carolina, makes up a mere six of the city...

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Suburbia was a housing program

We used to understand that housing construction was in the public interest