A Midwest city considers an affordable option to house more families in walkable neighborhoods.
A new report by Todd Litman offers a vision for optimal urban growth for affordability and livability—laying down a challenge to Wendell Cox, smart growth critic and author of a widely cited report.
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will likely be one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies ever introduced. The technology brings the potential to make great progress in the following areas:
A four-story-high mural of Vincent Scully, a Yale professor of architectural history over five decades, was unveiled at Seaside, Florida, in late February. The mural, commissioned by Seaside developer Robert Davis and DC-based architect Dhiru...
Downtown has come back to life while the city is building a transit framework for walkable, mixed-use growth along corridors.
I don't often write about skyscrapers, but this proposal includes smart urban design moves.


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