Autonomous vehicles, sprawl retrofit, cars in cities, and new public transit.
The resort town in the Florida Panhandle is best known for being compact, walkable and diverse in uses and places, but Seaside has also become known as one of the first environmentally designed new towns.
"Porches become stages, yards become venues, and radical generosity and good will rule the day."
A recent study by Redfin, the owner of Walk Score, shows that true walkability has tremendous economic value—but Walk Score itself has problems.
This is what urban economic analyst Joe Minicozzi calls "The Money Shot," comparing a Walmart in Asheville, NC, to a downtown mixed-use building in the same city. He puts all of these economic indicators side by side that show the relative poor...
Gehry's Guggenheim museum itself did not make the difference—rather the new public realm attracted and kept people and businesses in Bilbao.

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