After providing steady leadership through a period of transition and staff growth, Rick Cole has announced that he will be leaving CNU in December to accept a position as the Deputy Chief Controller for the city of Los Angeles. The Board of...
For much of the last six or seven decades, we’ve seen limited housing options in suburbia—generally single-family housing for sale, or apartment complexes with units for rent. In Gainesville, Florida, a South Carolina developer is offering a...
Minimum off-street parking requirements have created a host of problems, leading cities and states to rethink this policy. The wave of reform is just beginning, because the oversupply from a century of misguided parking policy is likely to persist.
This holiday, experience the magic of a city or town. Let that become part of your family experience. It may change your life.
The terminus of I-16 cuts into the historic core of Savannah, and removal of a flyover would help to heal the wounds of 1960s destruction in a minority and immigrant neighborhood.
Coming to Charlotte? Expect many new kinds of sessions, experiences, and events at CNU 31. Here's a brief rundown.


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Suburbia was a housing program

We used to understand that housing construction was in the public interest