"The Skyway in Buffalo is old, obsolete and, unless an alternative crossing is found, will soon need tens of millions of dollars in upkeep. It would be money poorly spent."
Outside Buena Vista, Colorado, on the site of a former garbage dump, 40 acres of riverfront land sat vacant for years. It took two nature-loving developers—risktakers with a background as competitive kayakers—to see what it could become.
In Detroit, the neighborhood of Brush Park stands between three of the city’s fastest revitalizing areas: Midtown, Eastern Market, and the Central Business District.
Over the last six decades, the propensity toward ‘big’ has infiltrated every aspect of human life. People are bigger (or fatter), cars, homes, food production, retail, hospitals, business, industry, government, and cities all have burgeoned in size...
"Mississauga's LRT will do for the city what the subway did for Toronto, creating a much denser, tightly knit place than its suburban past."
“The hospital can be a catalyst to create healthy communities in which walking, social engagement, and positive economic transformation are facilitated.”

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