CNU’s Project for Code Reform is filling a need for incremental code reform and furthering statewide programs to remove barriers to inclusive communities.
“Ambiguous and composite buildings” solve multiple urban design problems through a flexible approach to building form and architectural language.
New Urbanist places sometimes get the reputation of looking like movie sets, especially some of the well-known developments like Celebration (built by Disney), and Seaside, which did serve as a set for the 1998 film The Truman Show (the filmmakers...
A community should determine what kind of community it wants to be, not unelected DOT engineers.
There is an abundance of in-city highways in the US that need to be demolished, buried, or capped so that neighborhoods can be made whole again.
In a challenging year, CNU hosted a second successful virtual Congress, brought on a new executive director, and made significant advances in programs.


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