Debunking a “smart city” in the desert, responding to NIMBYs, and walkability as the linchpin for complete streets
Review of Cities Alive: Jane Jacobs, Christopher Alexander, and the Roots of the New Urban Renaissance, a book by Michael Mehaffy.
After Harvey, let's rebuild a city that will last for centuries and support healthy social interaction, in addition to getting people out of harm's way.
The workers at Caribbean Homes and Exports are not only doing meaningful work, but they also command far more value than if they were at the bottom links of the industrial product chain.
The drive-through lifestyle, exported by America and adopted worldwide, is the "operating system for growth" that is a root cause of rising carbon emissions.
Set expectations you know you can meet or exceed with each step. For a bike lane, benefits like safety, increased fairness, and recreation and lifestyle are realistic.


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Hope VI: emerging examples of inner city New Urbanism

Early results are encouraging in HUD’s program to build more human-scale, pedestrian-oriented public housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and...

Peter Swift returned to Longmont, Colorado, after nearly

Peter Swift returned to Longmont, Colorado, after nearly two years of working on planning and development in the Kurdish region of Iraq. He has...

Dan Camp, developer of the Cotton District

Dan Camp, developer of the Cotton District in Starkville, Mississippi, was elected mayor of Starkville June 7, winning 61 percent of the vote. Camp...

Great Ideas

New urban design for an African village

The principles of neighborhood structure and buildings that relate positively to public space resonate with traditional Zulu culture and village geography.