I recently read The Devil in the White City, about the Chicago 1893 World’s Fair. One place that I would like to go back in time to see, just for a day, would be this event. They say that some visitors would break down weeping upon entering the...
Cities are encouraging small manufacturing to promote inclusive economic development and livable wages in downtowns and main streets.
A case study by Peter Calthorpe shows the potential of underutilized suburban strips to help solve America's housing problems.
The scale and form of communities—and avoiding sprawl—will play critical roles in their long-term resilience.
The organic character of historic cities may take centuries to evolve, but humans are also capable of dynamic change and innovative adaptation—all reflected in evolving communities.
AfroUrbanism centers the lived experience of black people in the design and creation of black communities. It puts black culture at the fore, taking into account the past harms, current challenges, and future aspirations of black city dwellers....


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The City of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Mecklenburg

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Mecklenburg County are entering into negotiations with the Palladium Company with regard to the firm’s...

Waiting for the recovery

Some new urbanist developers are shifting to infill projects rather than hope for revival of suburban traditional neighborhood developments.

Young Bucks: Millennials Aren't Wealthy, But that's No Reason to Ignore Them

When it comes to Millennials and retail, two opposing story lines compete, experts say. In the first, these younger shoppers star as the industry's...

Fannie Mae, the nation’s largest source of financing

Fannie Mae, the nation’s largest source of financing for home mortgages, recently committed to invest $1 billion in the four-year “House Washington”...

Great Ideas

25 great ideas of the New Urbanism

The New Urbanism is a design movement toward complete, compact, connected communities—but it is also a generator of ideas that transform the landscape. Communities are shaped by the movement and flow of ideas, and the New Urbanism has been a...