“The pattern of post-World War II development I witnessed in Orange County struck me as fundamentally wrong-headed. But others appeared to accept it as inevitable and somehow normal.”
The great Yale lecturer had an impact on movements that are changing the face of communities in the US and beyond.
A breakthrough design on La Jolla Boulevard in San Diego cuts crashes by 90 percent and gives local business a shot in the arm.
A tour through the historic area of Savannah, Georgia, yields boundless examples of how to build great places.
The primary task for autonomous vehicles is placemaking, not engineering. If new urbanists don't create a vision for how AVs can support neighborhood life, nobody will.
From NIMBY to NIMN, a new city fund that combats homelessness, and the truth about cycling safety


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Save the date: CNU X will be held in Miami Beach, Florida, at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, June 13 to 16, 2002. Thanks to the annual boost provided...

A suburban agglomeration becomes a downtown

The roughly half-square-mile heart of Kendall in Dade County, Florida, is imprinted so deeply with conventional suburban development that it is...

New urbanists design town for deaf

One of the boldest new urban visions to date was created in late March for a field in South Dakota that would not ordinarily be a candidate for large...

A 680-acre new urbanist development, the

A 680-acre new urbanist development, the Village of WestClay, is also located in Carmel. Brenwick TND Communities plans for up to 1,362 residential...

Great Ideas

New urban design for an African village

The principles of neighborhood structure and buildings that relate positively to public space resonate with traditional Zulu culture and village geography.