Cities offer breakthrough potential for immediate and effective action on the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and a hotter world, according to a new book, The Urban Fix.
12 Ways that Seaside revolutionized how we think about cities and towns.
Here are ten of the best public spaces at the heart of cities in America, plus honorable mentions.
A big increase in exurban growth is a wake-up call for regional planners, urbanists, and a public trying to rein in carbon emissions.
A new book on walking makes me think of another book, what America has lost, and what it could regain.​
This image is from an illustrative article called This Is How Borrowing Things From Our Neighbors Strengthens Society, by Sarah Lazarovic in Yes! journal. Here’s the tagline: Research shows that small talk and casual connections create happy...


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The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) is one step closer to making East Beach, a proposed traditional neighborhood development (TND...

A more sustainable resort model for the Bahamas

A new resort community may seem an extravagance during the worst housing crunch in more than a half-century, but developer Orjan Lindroth says his...

The turbine square

Category: public open space. Subcategory: plazas and squares. Editor's Note. This page is the first of a series dedicated to detailing the...

Restrictions spur dispute over public rights in Maryland center

Conflicts continue to arise between privately owned town centers and people who think the centers should uphold all the freedoms the US Constitution...

Great Ideas

New urban design for an African village

The principles of neighborhood structure and buildings that relate positively to public space resonate with traditional Zulu culture and village geography.