One of Seaside’s crucial mandates: Houses should have porches. New Urbanism spread from there, and the number of new U.S. homes built with porches has risen ever since, from 42 percent in 1994 to 52 percent in 2004 to 65 percent in 2016.
A pilot program proposed to fund the study and removal of highways in urban contexts, an idea of great interest to urbanists, has largely flown under the radar.
Memphis Medical District demonstrates the power of anchor institutions to improve sense of place and the economy in surrounding neighborhoods, while avoiding displacement.
The above images represent an analysis of two residential suburban streets, and answer the question of which one is likely to attract and interest more pedestrians.
Traditional urbanism is the livable and sustainable alternative to what is being promised in breathtaking futuristic renderings of glass and steel structures.
A vision for a brownfield in Hong Kong could be one answer to its housing shortage.


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