Architectural Modernism emerged between 1900 and 1930, influenced by the industrial revolution, the rapid growth of cities, and the horrific aftermath of World War I. They were motivated by the acceleration of industrialization and social change,...
The Wheeler District is shaping up as one of Oklahoma City’s landmark neighborhoods.
This is fourth in a series of articles on the advantages of building human-scale cities and towns.
A ton of people and a well-designed public realm combine in the alchemy of a happy place in LA.
Instead of accepting that dynamic relations of traffic are unknowable and developing a management approach that does not rely on false projections to provide an illusion of certainty, traffic modelers make their models more complicated and opaque.
Tech billionaire Marc Lore hired starchitect Bjarke Ingels for a new urban design of a city that would be based upon community ownership of land.


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Better Cities & Towns Archive

Redevelopment consistent with new urbanist principles is

Redevelopment consistent with new urbanist principles is getting underway in Beall’s Hill, a 30-block, mostly African-American neighborhood in Macon...

NAHB report on land use and emissions is picked apart

Todd Litman explains why a report from America's largest homebuilder organization underestimates the benefits of compact development.

Groundbreaking anticipated for TND and campus

Rendering 1 caption (on page 1): An avenue in the downtown of Verano, a new urban development planned in San Antonio, Texas, is rendered below. See...

Recent articles in two major dailies, the Seattle

Recent articles in two major dailies, the Seattle Times (April 4 and 11) and the Chicago Tribune (June 20), show that the mainstream press is...

Great Ideas

25 great ideas of the New Urbanism

The New Urbanism is a design movement toward complete, compact, connected communities—but it is also a generator of ideas that transform the landscape. Communities are shaped by the movement and flow of ideas, and the New Urbanism has been a...