A national team of experts will work with local and other participants to examine automated vehicle implementation on the 30A beach highway, which goes through Seaside and many other towns.
Our cities desperately need professional engineers to realign their values to reflect those of the broader society, and we can start by making streets no wider than they need to be.
From identifying “pedestrian pockets” as a regional antidote to sprawl to advocating for the reform of the electoral college, Neal Peirce was ahead of his time.
These concepts, applied here to downtown Hammond, Indiana, are relevant to most American cities.
The town of Seaside has had an impact on city building in America over the last four decades. Here are 16 ways that the Florida Panhandle resort influenced development.
The control tower for the old Stapleton Airport in Denver is a machine for enhanced vision. The tower now has a view of one of the largest new urban developments in the world. Stapleton, Denver, contains nine neighborhoods, nine schools, 50 parks,...


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