This holiday is about places and people and memory, and that has an impact on how we build and experience cities and towns.
As people move out of city centers into suburbs, keys policy changes and trends could help to make suburbs more walkable and affordable, according to panelists at a National Press Foundation event.
One of the few form-based codes to be applied citywide in a regional major city, Buffalo’s ordinance is having a positive impact on neighborhoods and downtown.
Tommy Pacello, passionate placemaker and a star of the New Urbanism at the peak of his abilities, died from complications due to pancreatic cancer on Monday. Pacello, 42, was president of the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) and an...
Current NYSDOT proposals prioritize the high—speed movement of automobiles—the design should be improved to focus on safety and community.
Developer of the Cotton District succumbs to Covid in late October.


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