Highways to Boulevards campaign organizers and CNU members visited 20 Congressional offices in late October, to discuss two current proposals in Congress that would offer funds for highway removal.
An unprecedented public process created a long-term recovery plan for the California municipality leveled by fire—and sets a model for responding to a changing world.
The Florida Panhandle city survived Category 5 Michael with most of the downtown intact—the plan looks to a more resilient future in the face of potential sea level rise.
New York is a great city that breaks many rules of urban planning. Here's what its imperfections can teach us about city building.
Not if you can't use it for shopping—and that's why protected bike lanes are one key to reducing carbon emissions.
A retreat is often used in real estate marketing to describe anything from a gated suburban resort subdivision to enclaves and eco-villages. Ideally, a new urbanist neo-traditional version includes the same fundamental principles of villages and...


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Better Cities & Towns Archive

Moving toward 'affordable living' at Orenco

The well-known new urban community Orenco Station west of Portland, Oregon, is getting affordable housing adjacent to a light rail stop.

Toronto public housing project to be transformed

Toronto’s Regent Park, one of the oldest and largest public housing projects in Canada, is about to be transformed into what urban planning...

Monica Quigley, vice president of sales and marketing

Monica Quigley, vice president of sales and marketing for LeylandAlliance, has formed a consulting firm, New Urban Connections, based in Warwick, New...

Narrow streets are the safest

Twenty-four foot wide streets are the safest, according to a study by Swift and Associates and the City of Longmont, Colorado. The study, Residential...

Great Ideas

New urban design for an African village

The principles of neighborhood structure and buildings that relate positively to public space resonate with traditional Zulu culture and village geography.