Architect Laurence Qamar recently created a series of step-back proposals for the Woodstock Corridor In Portland, Oregon, illustrated above. "Instead of the boxy, ungainly 'space invaders' that have bedeviled other parts of the city, Qamar’s step-...
A set of principles that are clear and generative provide a solid foundation for the New Urbanism. Those principles have withstood the test of time and empirical research, and they can be implemented in countless ways.
Grass-roots revitalization is taking place in many American cities, an antidote to the "winner takes all urbanism" described in The New Urban Crisis.
This series of drawings was inspired by the idea that physical communities have enabled nearly every human advancement since the dawn of history. Communities are hubs where people protect themselves, trade, specialize, and share collective memory...
The New Urbanism brought the environmental transect methodology into planning and development of human-scale, complete communities. Now the human habitat can be analyzed as a continuum with the natural world.
A CNU "Legacy Project" explores how to initiate suburban retrofit in the diverse Seattle suburb of Tukwila.

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Singles are good for cities

The growing number of people living alone are a much more positive force than many Americans have thought, says Eric Klinenberg, author of a new book...

Developers form institutes to keep new urban ideals alive

Seaside’s New Institutes Program helps communities establish nonprofit organizations different from homeowners’ associations.

ULI promotes new urbanist street standards

In a clear break with the “bigger is better” philosophy of street design, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) has released a revamped third edition of...

A culture warrior defends sprawl

With such a sharp geographical divide, “basic issues like sprawl and land use turn into culture war proxies."

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The Power Grid

“We know what the appliance is…. now we need to find plugs to connect it to the existing power grids.” Christopher Alexander Since its inception, the Congress for the New Urbanism and its members have in fact been making the plugs to connect to...