To understand architecture and design buildings successfully, we need to acknowledge core human tendencies that secured our survival.
New, lean code deals with flooding issues and fiscal sustainability for fast-growing historic city in the Austin area.
At CityLab DC, speakers focus on keeping the culture of place in the face of a changing city.
Highways to Boulevards campaign organizers and CNU members visited 20 Congressional offices in late October, to discuss two current proposals in Congress that would offer funds for highway removal.
An unprecedented public process created a long-term recovery plan for the California municipality leveled by fire—and sets a model for responding to a changing world.
The Florida Panhandle city survived Category 5 Michael with most of the downtown intact—the plan looks to a more resilient future in the face of potential sea level rise.


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Technology finally turns friendly to cities

For two centuries, technologies damaged cities, says Simon Kuper, a columnist for the Financial Times. Factories brought dirt and noise. Cars added...

Organization News

n The Design Center for American Urban Landscape at the University of Minnesota hosted a conference from January 21-23 on “Reframing the 1945-...

New urbanist planner and traffic engineer Swift recoverying in Germany

As of mid-May new urbanist planner and traffic engineer Peter Swift was recovering in Frankfurt, Germany, after suffering a heart attack in Kurdish...

Ann Daigle has been named special assistant to

Ann Daigle has been named special assistant to Leland Speed, director of the Mississippi Development Authority. A Louisiana native active in Gulf...

Great Ideas

New urban design for an African village

The principles of neighborhood structure and buildings that relate positively to public space resonate with traditional Zulu culture and village geography.