A levee, with promenade, would connect Norfolk’s citizens to the waterfront and protect against rising seas. The city is developing a comprehensive vision for how to “thrive” with climate change.
The term “Missing Middle Housing” has become a popular reference to middle-density, low-rise housing that has been missing from most new construction over the past half century. Examples include accessory dwelling units (ADUs), cottage courts,...
Zoning reform tools can enable better places, affordable housing, and complete communities, according to a discussion on CNU's On the Park Bench.
Note: This article first appeared on Strong Towns.​ Public Square editor Robert Steuteville is on leave through the last week of October.
The first Gindroz Award is named in honor CNU’s former board chair, a pioneer in applying new urban principles to social housing.
Creating intimate spaces within blocks could be the answer for some underutilized house of worship sites—as shown by a plan for catholic churches in a midwestern city.


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