The Choice Neighborhoods development brings order to a city sector laid out in squiggly postwar cul-de-sacs. Newly redesigned streets lead directly to shops, transit, and other services.
These items are the sum of innovations by colleagues and reinforce practices that have successfully entered the mainstream.
At the turn of the millennium, the 26-acre Pearl Brewery in San Antonio was abandoned and desolate—a collection of empty buildings and pavement with only five trees. Now the ambitious Pearl Brewery Redevelopment is an economic and social powerhouse...
A recently released nationwide study strongly correlates greater transportation "modal diversity" with better health for the population as a whole.
Reimagining the Civic Commons was launched in Philadelphia, and similar strategies are now being applied to five US Cities.
Pinpointing suburban poverty, an argument for gentrification, when residents side with developers, and what 5,000 Americans think of urban design.


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