Well-designed urban roundabouts solve traffic delay problems while slashing the kinetic energy of motor vehicles in intersections, improving safety and allowing for placemaking.

Transect-based Lean Codes have compact formats, bare-bones standards, and lighter (pink) red tape, in contrast to the excessive controls, redundancies, contradictions, delays, and unintended consequences created by conventional zoning.

A balanced project with placemaking that meets the market and gets public approval requires patience and understanding of building types.

Let’s Move Nashville is a transformative transit initiative that is now in front of the electorate—alternative futures for the city are at stake.

The "missing middle" opens lines of communication about diverse housing choices that are compatible in form and scale with detached, single-family homes in walkable neighborhoods.

Eastside Savannah, a less affluent area adjacent to Savannah's historic core, was the subject of a CNU Legacy Project.

Bicycling infrastructure is a suburban retrofit strategy in Northwest Arkansas.

New urbanists lost a respected and capable leader early this week. Hank Dittmar made a difference in urban planning and transportation on both sides of the Atlantic.

CNU Legacy Project shows how Southside Savannah can leverage a growing university campus to improve quality of life.

We need a strategy for taming deadly thoroughfares that go through cities and suburbs.