New urbanism is far from over, a 'smart city' development moves forward in Toronto, and persistent myths about poverty are debunked

When you have a chicken and egg problem, have a chicken omelette.

Complete, compact, connected, complex, and convivial describes everything that you want a neighborhood to be.

Younger and older Americans are not the only ones at risk. The summit focused on challenges faced by pedestrians in racially and economically disadvantaged communities, as well as rural areas.

Sustainability takes many forms on the building and community scale in the Caribbean. Here are keys to places that stand the test of time.

Traditional urbanism evolved over millennia to meet human needs. The adoption of AVs should not be allowed to replace time-tested places with something that would probably make our lives worse.

Tiny houses, women and walking, and the ubiquity of urbanists

As part of its Complete Streets Implementation, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) recently adopted eight context classifications to guide road design decisions.

In architecture, the constant search for the new no longer represents freedom. Urbanism and sustainability are nobler and more practical imperatives.

Urbanists can contribute mightily to solving the climate problem—got any plans for the next few decades?

The options for missing middle housing on a small redevelopment site are many, so here's a process to decide what choices make sense. Part 1.

Authentic urbanism, unlike large-scale architecture, is built out over time. Architectural critics make the mistake of assessing an urban project in its early years.