The Driehaus Form-Based Code Award, to be announced at CNU 28 in June, is accepting nominations until April 17.

The false duality between dense public spaces and isolated private ones misses the complexity of all the diverse—and relatively safe—urban places in between.

Here’s what you need to know about a wide range of building types that make up mixed-use cities and towns, how they work, and why they matter.

As we conduct a partial retreat from our habitat to our homes and our world becomes smaller we do so knowing that this is temporary, that we social creatures must eventually return to our natural habitat, the city.

Ultimately, this crisis will highlight how much we need to come together in the real world, and cities are a big part of that.

As cities and towns figure out how to cope with the coronavirus, among the iconic images to emerge are Italians singing from windows and balconies.

In a new book, Jonathan Barnett calls for using design thinking to achieve sustainable, functional, and equitable “megaregions.”

The city is testing new mobility technologies to promote economic development and placemaking for the 21st Century.

A massive skyscraper is being renovated as a mixed-use, walkable urban center in a city that was pronounced dead not too long ago.