New Urbanism planning principles have been incorporated into comprehensive plans all across Texas, and this has begun to have real impacts on people and places.

For many years, retailers resisted the architecture of street-facing storefronts, but necessity is the mother of flexibility.

A few simple policy steps rooted in design and public access have dramatically improved a stretch of the Adriatic coast. Similar ideas could be implemented in US towns.

This holiday is about places and people and memory, and that has an impact on how we build and experience cities and towns.

Review of City on a Hill: Urban Idealism in America from the Puritans to the Present, by Alex Krieger, Harvard University Press, 2019.

The year’s awards will celebrate design that takes New Urbanism to the next level and inspires a new generation of urbanists.

An elegant plan to transform a struggling shopping mall into a mixed-use town center uses the same principles of sacred geometry that were employed by Pierre L'Enfant in the urban design of Washington, DC.

The decision of a city in Texas to plan for new growth using a grid of streets has inspired readers and makes a lot of sense.

To understand architecture and design buildings successfully, we need to acknowledge core human tendencies that secured our survival.

New, lean code deals with flooding issues and fiscal sustainability for fast-growing historic city in the Austin area.

At CityLab DC, speakers focus on keeping the culture of place in the face of a changing city.

Highways to Boulevards campaign organizers and CNU members visited 20 Congressional offices in late October, to discuss two current proposals in Congress that would offer funds for highway removal.