The town of Seaside has had an impact on city building in America over the last four decades. Here are 16 ways that the Florida Panhandle resort influenced development.

Good urbanism allows us to look forward and back simultaneously, and the top Public Square articles do that. The most-read pieces cover many aspects of life: architecture, religion, transportation, philosophy, housing, nature, shopping, and even golf (!).

Large mixed-use apartment complex in the midst of suburbia will be laid out like a European village with architecture appropriate to the southwestern desert.

Retail success is tricky in new urban places—so pay attention to fundamental principles because buying and selling are essential activities in a walkable urban center.

Intriguing lessons for urbanists are coming, surprisingly, from neuroscience. Understanding the underlying structure of cities can help us to formulate better urban policies and practices.

New Urbanism planning principles have been incorporated into comprehensive plans all across Texas, and this has begun to have real impacts on people and places.

For many years, retailers resisted the architecture of street-facing storefronts, but necessity is the mother of flexibility.

A few simple policy steps rooted in design and public access have dramatically improved a stretch of the Adriatic coast. Similar ideas could be implemented in US towns.