Mahatma Gandhi was not wrong—India depends on its villages: But the community of the agrarian landscape may be reinforced in urban neighborhoods also.

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A strip plaza, never a part of the walkable fabric, is redeveloped to be a well-connected neighborhood commercial and social center.

Civano, a new urbanist town in Tucson, Arizona, provides a useful model for how three-dimensional design cuts energy and water use—and also adapts to and mitigates climate change.

Macon, Georgia, has been transformed by the Master Plan for Beall’s Hill, which helped tear down the walls between Mercer University and a disadvantaged neighborhood.

Brad Pitt violated the cardinal architectural rule since Pruitt-Igoe: Do not experiment on the poor. Others, such as Habitat for Humanity and new urbanists, were far more successful in New Orleans.

The diverse Global District is the focus of a tactical event and long-term planning to promote main street character in a sector of strip malls and arterial roads.

With a little love and attention, towns may play a key role in settling climate migrants and balancing urban development in the 21st Century.

As we learn to live with COVID-19, it’s time to draw important lessons for city-making. We can do so at CNU 30 in Oklahoma City, and at the 58th IMCL in Paris.