Too many architects, planners, transportation engineers, and urban designers reduce the ADA to some kind of onerous hurdle that must be leaped.

A New England-style green creates the site for mixed-use and affordable housing at the center of a historic city.

The US may see 100,000 churches close, and this issue could help determine the success or failure of many downtowns and neighborhoods over the next three to four decades. The skills of urbanists are needed.

The halting of three in-city freeway expansions highlights a new momentum on reversing the damage of highways through urban areas.

“Strong culture is as important as walkability, good street frontage, and all of the elements new urbanists always talk about.”

Today’s local freeway fighting campaigns are not without precedent. Explore eight projects that serve as inspiration for the highways-to-boulevards movement in cities today.

Charles Marohn points the way to reviving cities and towns through reform of the profession that builds the framework for sprawl.

New urbanists need to recharge their commitment to a "micro-heroic" remapping of mid-century America—where immigrants, workers, and minorities now struggle to build sustainable communities.

Cape Cod is desperately in need of housing diversity. Combining ‘visual preference’ with ‘missing middle’ housing types could point the way.