Aldea de Santa Fe, a new urban village in New Mexico, is fully built except for its mixed-use plaza. The time is ripe to complete this community.

Minimum parking requirements are a secret but significant source of carbon emissions from transportation.

Revisiting the 25 Great Ideas of the New Urbanism shows how the movement and world have changed in the last half decade.

The playful genesis of a new walkable urbanism geometry that seeks and explores walking trails in town and at the urban-natural boundary.

Jeff Speck updates his book, Walkable City, covering significant trends now and over the last decade.

Team 11, named after a UN sustainable development goal, wants CNU members to have a more significant impact worldwide to address climate change and other issues. The group is looking to sponsor a pilot project in Ukraine.

A bold vision of Agricultural Urbanism is now taking shape in British Columbia, 15 years after it was planned at the peak of the Great Recession.

The aftermath of the Maui wildfires will be an opportunity for Native Hawaiians to shape the future of affordable housing and land use on the island. Respect and support from New Urbanists is required if we want to participate in this design process.