A team of new urbanists design for a neighborhood in the crosshairs of gentrification, adding healthy food and affordable housing.

CNU and affiliated designers visited a sprawling part of Charlotte to plan the transition of a 16-acre shopping center into a mixed-use center, with connections to a major university—UNCC. Temporary public space drives suburban retrofit.

In the year of its founder’s coronation, a conference of key partners this fall will examine in detail the pioneering New Urbanist development’s many lessons.

Can typical rural towns in America match the walkable and vibrant atmosphere similar to their European counterparts?

A widespread shortage of affordable housing is causing local jurisdictions to amend their land-use regulations. Here’s a list of 10 highly effective reforms, with notes on why they are needed.

Now that parking mandates are falling at an accelerating clip, here's a look at the fountainhead of parking reform.

Many kinds of urban corridors have great potential to transform cities, if the design is good.

Parking reform is gaining substantial momentum even in recent months—a policy development that will impact missing middle housing production, reuse of old buildings, and vehicle miles traveled, experts say.

Florida’s first predominantly African-American suburb has been out of the economic mainstream for six decades. A downtown plan that focuses on New Urbanism, affordable housing, and minority business development maps out a better future.

Cities and states offer incentives for developers to convert offices to living spaces, which could have a profound impact on downtowns, employment districts, and office parks.