Great Lakes communities are prominent examples of what new urbanists often refer to as “receiver cities, towns, and villages.” They can prepare for migration by promoting growth that improves the quality of life of existing inhabitants.

Compact development, which contributes to carbon reduction, is also useful for climate adaptation and the building of defensible places.

Thirty years ago, Oklahoma City’s downtown was hurting badly, and the city’s livability and beauty were at a low ebb. A policy called MAPs transformed the city.

Some “Contemporary Vernacular” buildings try too hard to be noticed. Others are playful, elegant, and worthy contributors to the "Comic scene" in urban neighborhoods and city centers.

A film segment tells the story of an American city, its struggles, and a future revitalized by urban design.

With CNU’s technical help, Evansville adopted a Complete Streets ordinance that includes tight deadlines and metrics so staff can make a difference.