• Historic opportunity to remove barrier, reconnect community

    The terminus of I-16 cuts into the historic core of Savannah, and removal of a flyover would help to heal the wounds of 1960s destruction in a minority and immigrant neighborhood.

  • Apply for the 2023 Charter Awards

    Projects that make places accessible and equitable and embody a wide range of the Charter of the New Urbanism principles are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications due 1/13/23.

  • CNU 31.Charlotte: May 31 - June 3, 2023

    CNU is thrilled to bring our 31st annual Congress to one of the most diverse, vibrant cities in the American Southeast with deep roots in new urbanism – the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Climate and Equity Challenge

    Join us as muster all our imagination, will and creativity to identify projects, case studies, strategies and tactics to design resilient and equitable cities and towns.

  • On The Park Bench: A Public Square Conversation

    CNU's new webinar series to provide a platform for members and allies to discuss, engage, debate how we as a movement can respond to new challenges.

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Charter Awards 2022

For the 22nd year, CNU's Charter Awards will recognize outstanding achievements in architectural, landscape, and urban design and planning worldwide.

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CNU 29 Plenary:
Designing for Justice

Deanna Van Buren of the nonprofit design studio Designing Justice + Designing Spaces shares the initiatives of recent work in her practice as it relates to addressing racial equity and the role of the designer in unbuilding racism in the U.S.

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