• CNU 30.Oklahoma City

    Join us in Oklahoma City for the 30th annual Congress for the New Urbanism.

  • Congress Needs To Create A Stronger Reconnecting Communities Program

    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework must include adequate funding and prioritize residents for a Reconnecting Communities program to be successful

  • Highways to Boulevards

    CNU's 2021 Freeways Without Futures report is now available.

  • CNU Welcomes Rick Cole as New Executive Director

    “CNU rewrote the rules for urban planning and design in America. Now our challenge is to ensure that the benefits of people-centered design are widely shared in every city, town and suburb.”

  • Charter Awards 2021

    Bok – Philadelphia, PA. 2020 Charter Award winner, Scout LTD.

  • On The Park Bench: A Public Square Conversation

    CNU's new webinar series to provide a platform for members and allies to discuss, engage, debate how we as a movement can respond to new challenges.

Building Places People Love.

Charter Awards 2021

For the 21st year, CNU's Charter Awards will recognize outstanding achievements in architectural, landscape, and urban design and planning worldwide.

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CNU 29 Plenary:
Designing for Justice

Deanna Van Buren of the nonprofit design studio Designing Justice + Designing Spaces shares the initiatives of recent work in her practice as it relates to addressing racial equity and the role of the designer in unbuilding racism in the U.S.

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