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Call for Proposals Now Open

Have you ever wanted to shape the annual Congress for the New Urbanism—to be a featured speaker, to lead a session, or to get your ideas onto the program? Now's your chance.

Affordable Neighborhoods

CNU works to ensure that neighborhoods are affordable for diverse residents means offering a broad array of housing and rental choices.

Become a Member

As a CNU member, you partner in a movement to help build more great places for everyone. Join CNU today.

Public Square: A CNU Journal

Public Square: A CNU Journal is an online New Urbanist publication built to honor our movement’s history of discourse and debate—while expanding it with new voices, diverse perspectives, and cutting-edge digital storytelling.

Street Networks 101

Learn the role the street networks plays in creating efficient, sustainable transportation.


Are you an urbanist looking for a job? 

CNU 25.Seattle

Save the Dates! May 3 - 6, 2017. More information coming soon.

Freeways Without Futures

CNU is currently accepting nominations for a new report in our Freeways Without Futures series—highlighting the worst urban highways in North America. ​Nominate today.

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Read CNU's 2016-2018 Strategic Plan

Nearly twenty-five years in, learn how CNU plans to build on its strengths and build a stronger movement.

What Is New Urbanism?

Learn more about the movement to build great places

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