Get CNU-Accredited

Launched in partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture in 2008, the CNU-Accreditation program is based on the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. The aim of the program is to spread and elevate our best practices; recognize the talent and commitment on display within the movement to create walkable, sustainable places; and establish New Urbanism as the standard for leaders working to build better places.

CNU-Accreditation is achieved through the successful completion of the CNU-A online exam, administered by the University of Miami School of Architecture. Applicants may choose to prepare for the exam on their own, or register for The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism online course offered by the University of Miami.

Accredited CNU Members demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of, and commitment to, the theory and practice of New Urbanism. Individuals who meet the requirements for Accreditation will be recognized as “CNU-Accredited.”

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Provides a marketable credential to employers and clients
  • CNU-Accredited professional certificate
  • Listing on public member directory as “CNU-Accredited”

Requirements of Accreditation

  • Pass the CNU-Accreditation exam, as administered by the University of Miami.
  • Maintain an active CNU Membership at an Urbanist level or higher.
  • Complete a minimum of eight (8) hours of CNU-approved continuing education per year.