Who We Are

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is an international nonprofit organization working to build vibrant communities where people have diverse choices for how they live, work, and get around. We believe that well-designed cities and neighborhoods are crucial for our health, economy, and environment. We build places people love.

Our 2600 members are diverse global thought-leaders on design, development, policy, implementation, and activism. They work in communities across the world—from major urban centers to historic small towns. From our annual Congress to our strategic policy initiatives, CNU connects and empowers the professionals, leaders, advocates, and citizens building places where people and businesses can thrive and prosper.

Through 24 years of advocacy, CNU has changed the national conversation from a debate over sprawl to a discussion on how to reinvest in our cities and towns. As Americans both young and old are demanding walkable lifestyles, the market for unique and green places is growing in every region. Through our projects, innovative tools, events, membership and programs, we empower people to deliver those places.

CNU's members are architects, urban designers, engineers, planners, developers, historic preservationists, bankers, small businesspeople, health professionals, government officials, and everyday citizens who care about our communities. We all share the same goals: steering cities and towns away from sprawling development, building more beautiful and sustainable places, preserving historic assets and traditions, and providing a range of housing and transportation choices. Join CNU today and help build places people love.

CNU is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with offices in Chicago, IL, and Washington, DC.