CNU Group Members

  • A unique building becomes a hub for historic neighborhoods
    <strong>Ponce City Market</strong> <em>Atlanta, GA</em>

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • From parking lot to urban tour-de-force
    <strong>UCLA Weyburn</strong>&nbsp;<em>Los Angeles, California</em>

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • A mixed-use center for town and gown
    <strong>Storrs Center</strong> <em>Mansfield, CT</em>

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  • Historic arcade houses young professionals
    <strong>Microlofts at The Arcade Providence</strong>&nbsp;<em>Providence, Rhode Island</em>

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  • Southside
    Ten acres that transformed a city #thisiscnu

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  • Crosstown_Concourse_2018_Charter_LooneyRicksKiss
    From former warehouse to "vertical village"
    <strong>Crosstown Concourse</strong>&nbsp; <em>Memphis, Tennessee</em>

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Jazz Market New Orleans Audience Seating
    Jazz Market New Orleans Audience Seating
    Trumpeting a cultural revival
    <strong>Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market</strong>&nbsp; <em>New Orleans, Louisiana</em>

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Mercado District | Tucson, Arizona
    A timeless place from the ground up. #thisiscnu

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  • Expanding options for a car-oriented suburban area
    <strong>Village of Providence</strong> <em>Huntsville, AL</em>

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Benefactor Members

Canin Associates

Canin Associates is an interdisciplinary firm of idea-based and forward thinking professionals who are committed to the craft of placemaking. Since our inception in 1980, we have been dedicated to creating vibrant communities that are attractive and enjoyable places to live, work, play, or visit. Our URBAN PLANNING, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE and ARCHITECTURE studios focus on designing new towns, villages, town centers, mixed-use developments, as well as resorts and custom residences.


Seaside Institute

In 1982, Robert and Daryl Davis founded the official nonprofit organization of Seaside, the Seaside Institute. The purpose of the organization was to promote buildable, sustainable places through design and education, using Seaside as a living laboratory. The Seaside Institute helps people create great communities.

Champion Members


City of Wauwatosa

The City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is located four miles west of downtown Milwaukee. Wauwatosa continues to be an attractive location for many business ranging from a regional mall to a regional medical center, while also encompassing many unique, intimate, and historic neighborhoods. Our ongoing challenge is to manage a balance among the needs of neighborhood residents, the business community, and regional institutions.

Dover Kohl & Partners

Dover, Kohl & Partners was founded in 1987 in South Florida. Their expertise lies in balancing the visionary ‘civic art’ of planning with the practical consensus building needed to make projects succeed. They are trained in the principles of traditional town planning, and have advanced the techniques for gathering meaningful community input. Dover, Kohl & Partners is best known for public design charrettes, detailed master plans, and illustrative codes that emphasize complete neighborhoods as the basis for sound communities.

Looney Ricks Kiss

Constantly looking beyond a singular style or theory, LRK’s team of 100 architects and staff working in eight offices is one of the most respected full-service architectural, planning, environmental and interior design firms in the United States. LRK listens to clients’ expectations, recognizes the market, understands the user and acknowledges a reverence for place. Projects are executed with passion. Architectural excellence is a given. An enhanced quality of life is the end result.

Historical Concepts

Historical Concepts is a multi-disciplinary partnership established in 1982 offering architectural and planning services to quality-minded clients. We work with private and public clients to create homes, civic and main street buildings, neighborhoods, and mixed-use communities that are timeless in style and enduring in value. Proven through nationally recognized and award-winning projects, our place-making approach is built upon a belief that historical patterns provide lessons for all that is attractive, sustainable, and urbane.

Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Services

Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates is an internationally recognized firm committed to developing transportation systems that promote vibrant, sustainable, and accessible communities. They recognize that transportation is not an end by itself but a platform for achieving broader community goals of mobility, equity, economic development, and healthy living.


Leader Members


Urban Realty Partners

Urban Realty Partners (“Urban”) is an Atlanta based real estate development organization that is committed to creating well planned, mixed-use urban developments that enhance their neighborhoods while providing exceptional places to live, work, and shop. Urban strives to produce high quality residential and office spaces with supporting retail where appropriate. Urban’s developments have a pedestrian orientation, often incorporate historic buildings, and are convenient to city amenities such as transportation, entertainment, educational, retail and cultural centers.


Hoyt Architects

Building unique architectural spaces through experiential design. Urban projects need to activate the street, respect their context, and create a memorable experience. Public space often defines the heart and soul of a community. Designing the space outside the building is just as important as the building itself. Civic spaces play a unique role in the community. The architect must understand and shape the larger civic realm: enabling, assembling, and enriching the community. At our core, we are problem-solvers driven by a deep desire to fully understand and tackle the unique urban design challenges associated with complex projects.

Stevens & Associates

Established in 1994, Stevens & Associates, P.C. is an integrated and award winning Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering, and Landscape Architecture consulting firm specializing in walkable communities, historic building preservation and urban design. We are passionate about projects that embrace and transform the fabric of our cities and towns through adaptive reuse of old buildings, sensitive design of new buildings, and the creation of pedestrian friendly downtowns. The knowledge we provide our Clients goes beyond urban design. Experience in real estate development, project funding, marketing and public campaigns are some of the ways we help projects succeed.

City of Mississauga

Mississauga is good at growing. Not long ago, the City of Mississauga was a collection of small communities spread over a largely rural area. In the last 30 years, the City has more than quadrupled its population from 172,000 people to more than 741,000 today. We are on the north shore of Lake Ontario at the centre of the Golden Horseshoe, Canada’s economic powerhouse. The country’s largest airport sits in the northeastern corner of our City, we have access to major rail corridors and three of the busiest highways in the country connect us to the rest of Ontario, Canada and the United States. You can get to anywhere from here. And it’s a great place to live.Our Future Mississauga is a place where opportunities are boundless. We are well on our way to making Mississauga the "place where people choose to be."

Nature Sacred

Nature Sacred is an organization focused on inspiring, informing and guiding communities in the creation of public green spaces designed to improve mental health, unify communities and engender peace.

Montgomery County Planning Department

The Montgomery County Planning Department, part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, aims to improve quality of life by conserving and enhancing the natural and built environment for current and future generations. The Planning Department creates great communities by developing master plans, reviewing applications for development and analyzing various types of information to help public officials plan for Montgomery County’s future. The Department comprises about 150 staff members and provides recommendations, information, analysis and services to the Montgomery County Planning Board, the County Council, the County Executive, county government agencies and the public.

Nederveld, Inc

Nederveld, Inc. was founded in 1977, specializing in land surveying. We have developed today into a multi-service organization providing comprehensive services in the disciplines of Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Environmental Consulting, High Definition Scanning, Forensic Engineering and Fire Investigation. We service our clients across the country from seven offices in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Columbus, Grand Rapids, Holland, Indianapolis and St. Louis.


City of Plano

Plano is a city in Texas 20 miles northeast of Dallas. Its population was 269,776 and it frequently ranks near the top of national livability ratings. In 2001, the first new urbanist town center within an existing business development opened in the sprawling Legacy corporate park. Today, Legacy Town Center spans over 2500 acres and houses over 50,000 workers. DPZ, in collaboration with RTKL Architects and Post Properties, designed the 150-acre infill, mixed-use town center to provide a 400-room convention hotel; 500,000 square feet of Main Street shops and entertainment space; 2,400 units of multi-family housing; and additional office space

City of Rancho Cordova

Every year, the City of Rancho Cordova's Public Works Department completes a number of construction projects in our community. Located in the eastern part of Sacramento County, Rancho Cordova is a community with a rich history including the first 12 miles of railroad in California, a thriving military base in its time, and the home of a successful aerospace company. The community chose to incorporate in order to retain and improve its identity and quality of life, to increase representation and accessibility of local government, to provide greater control over local land use, planning, and regulatory matters, and to provide an increased level of service to Rancho Cordova residents. These projects beautify Rancho Cordova and ensure the City has walkable and connected neighborhoods and safe routes for residents, bikers, and drivers.


Riverton will be a 210-acre, master-planned community based on new urbanism design principles. A sustainable, mixed use neighborhood built on connection: to your family, to your neighbors, and to nature. Discover what you've been missing.

Shook Kelley

Since 1992, Shook Kelley has been studying the role physical places, spaces and experiences have on human decision-making, from the brand of gum they choose at the grocery store checkout line, to the type of house where they choose to live and raise a family. In a world overflowing with choices, we want to know what makes people decide to choose one place over another: Why drive by three other perfectly fine supermarkets and choose this grocery store? Why drive ten miles to hang out at this urban district? Or why choose to live in this neighborhood or set up an office at this address, over some other area?

TBG Partners

Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, TBG Partners is a distinguished landscape architecture and planning firm that employs creativity and placemaking expertise to create memorable settings and elevate environments from ordinary to extraordinary. By developing and articulating the story of the place, TBG’s project solutions accommodate multifaceted environments that provide meaning and introduce elements of nature into life’s moments. The resulting places harmoniously unite artful design with context, purpose and vision.


TSW is a full-service planning, architecture, and landscape design firm based in Atlanta.

Zimmerman/Volk Associates, Inc.

Zimmerman/Volk Associates, Inc. has a national reputation for innovative market analysis based on its proprietary target market methodology. The company specializes in the analysis of compact and sustainable development; mixed-income, mixed-tenure redevelopment; mixed-use urban revitalization; and traditional neighborhood developments. Since 1988, the woman-owned company has completed more than 450 market studies, for sites ranging in size from the redevelopment of half a block to the establishment of a new town on several thousand acres. ZVA is recognized by the leading practitioners of the New Urbanism as the national expert on the market feasibility of urban redevelopment and New Urbanist communities.