Public Square: A CNU Journal is a publication dedicated to illuminating and cultivating best practices in urbanism in the US and beyond. Powered by the Congress for the New Urbanism, Public Square is built to add depth and rigor to the practice of urbanism and improve our capacity for creating inclusive, resilient places—places that people love.

When the Charter was signed in 1996, New Urban News launched with it. That newsletter, later renamed Better Cities & Towns, served as the New Urbanist movement's paper of record (visit the BCT archives). As a new evolution of Better! Cities and Towns, Public Square is built to continue the in-depth coverage that longtime readers appreciate while introducing a greater diversity of voices, issues, and viewpoints.

The preservation of our built heritage and the improvement of cities, suburbs, and towns presents a multitude of opportunities for private citizens and public officials alike. Public Square is dedicated to chronicling and exploring the always fascinating, constantly rewarding challenges that urbanists face. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Public Square is an online platform for placemaking discourse powered by the Congress for the New Urbanism. Contact Rob Steuteville, editor-in-chief, for content and business concerns, or CNUInfo for technical issues.

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