New Urbanism is a reform movement that is radical and transformative, dedicated to reshaping places around the world. The non-profit organization Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) supports this movement of multidisciplinary practitioners and...
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International Making Cities Livable is calling for abstracts for two 2024 conferences—one in Newport, Rhode Island, and the other in Cortona, Italy.
Matthew Bell is the 2024 Charter Awards jury chair. A focus of this year’s jury will be on walkable mixed-use urbanism and high-quality design.
CNU is launching a formal process to amend the Charter of the New Urbanism, it was announced in an On the Park Bench webinar. The CNU board will accept proposals for amending the Charter in October and November, 2023. 
CNU is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023—a generation after the organization founders met in Alexandria, Virginia, and began to outline a new philosophy of city building. 
May 4 is the anniversary of two important historical events, both taking place on the East Coast of the US, eighty years apart, that have helped shape modern planning and urbanism for the better around the world. Only the first occurrence is widely...
In late November CNU’s board hired Mallory Baches as the new President, to co-lead with new Executive Director Margaret Gattis. Mallory recently discussed CNU’s urgent mission.
Megan O’Hara is the 2023 Charter Awards Jury Chair. A focus of this year’s jury will be on projects that build great places for all by being accessible and equitable.
After providing steady leadership through a period of transition and staff growth, Rick Cole has announced that he will be leaving CNU in December to accept a position as the Deputy Chief Controller for the city of Los Angeles. The Board of...
Coming to Charlotte? Expect many new kinds of sessions, experiences, and events at CNU 31. Here's a brief rundown.
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