Beyond the event you have come to expect, CNU staff works year-round on programs, research, and partnerships that are shaping the practice of urbanism from the local to the international level. None of this is possible without the ongoing support of...
CNU is restarting its weekly webinar series, On a Park Bench, by elevating new voices that expand the movement's horizons.
The Board of Directors of the Congress for the New Urbanism is heartbroken, along with so many Americans, at the death of George Floyd and the long line of tragedies that continue to lay bare the persistence of deep-seated racism in our country. As...
If you’re reading this, it’s because you care about New Urbanism and maybe you have some good ideas about how CNU can advance it. If so, then I am here to encourage you to run for CNU’s Board of Directors in 2019.
CNU 26 Epic Riders Arrive in Savannah
After a groundbreaking year, CNU is gearing up for more action and progress in the next 12 months and beyond.
Matthew Lambert and David Kim bring fresh perspectives, pragmatic views.