CNU President and CEO Lynn Richards was selected to join a panel to judge a design competition for transforming Buffalo’s Skyway, a segment of freeway that soars over the waterfront. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced the competition to...
Amsterdam architect Michel de Klerk and the patronage of Dutch merchants in the early 20th Century are an inspiration to today's wealthy classes on how to provide beautiful housing that is affordable to today's working class.
By Laurence Qamar
How to design buildings with human scale and proportion (and Modernism’s ongoing inability to get it right).
CNU Legacy project in Russell neighborhood in West Louisville listens to residents, drawing their dreams.
Like the McMansion, the McMain Street attempts to mimic the complex roof massing of many buildings in a single building. Here are ideas on better ways to preserve or create Main Street character.
CNU neighborhood design workshops this week are led by Urban Design Associates, Street Plans Collaborative, Placemakers, and Gresham Smith.
A book review of Making Dystopia: The Strange Rise and Survival of Architectural Barbarism by James Stevens Curl.
Background buildings don't need to be ugly or use pointless variety in the “break-up-the-box” style.
Iconic dragons, symbols of London, cannot slay the onslaught of hubristic architects and developers.
This is part 3 of a series on retrofitting urban patterns to create more resilient places where decentralized capital can flourish. A key step in that direction would be a specific kind of community planning exercise.
The 19th annual awards will feature a new category, "Emerging Projects," in addition to all outstanding work that fulfills the goals of the Charter of the New Urbanism.
For all its beautiful urbanism and high-quality transit, which America should emulate, Europe is behind the US in the understanding of charrettes, developers-as-town-founders, form-based coding, the Transect, and other new urban ideas.