The SoHo Broadway plan would greatly increase space for pedestrians and cyclists in the iconic Manhattan neighborhood, and be implemented over the next two decades.
The unsung alley has the potential to create an intimate American urbanism, it just needs a little attention from urban designers.
The architecture of community will be important in space, because you not only have to keep people alive, but happy and healthy—and you do that through sense of community.
CNU is seeking design teams to lead historically and culturally significant projects in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in advance of CNU 30.
Putting observation first, and theory second, helped to move the planning profession toward more beneficial city building techniques in the late 20th Century. It continues to be an important test and correction to theories, even new urbanist ideas.
A centrally located former golf course becomes a new park of regional importance, through strategic development of a portion of the site.
I-494 forms the border between two Minnesota suburbs. A CNU Legacy team created a plan to improve life for economically disadvantaged residents of the area.
Orenco Station in Hillsboro, Oregon, is a model for more sustainable suburbs and regions.
Twelve-foot-wide townhouses in Utah? They combine transit-oriented density with homeownership, and buyers can cut costs in multiple ways.
Great places have the ability to inspire, and Seaside changed my life from building wide, fast roads to analyzing and documenting the DNA of places.
The Plant Riverside District in Savannah, Georgia, transformed an abandoned industrial site into the most significant modern expansion of the city’s urban core. Sottile & Sottile and The Kessler Collection won the 2021 CNU Grand Prize Charter...
The Paseo Cayalá Neighborhood in Guatemala City is a model of open and economically resilient development in a city of gated development. Estudio Urbano and Leon Krier won a 2021 CNU Charter Award in the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor category.