Often, in the 20th Century, the courthouse square structure was damaged by automobile-oriented planning. Recovering what was lost is not easy—it’s a process of strategic elimination and addition to repair the form that is hidden while the town grows.
Mahatma Gandhi was not wrong—India depends on its villages: But the community of the agrarian landscape may be reinforced in urban neighborhoods also.
The Jewel Theatre is a 1931 brick building with Deco details on 4th Street of Oklahoma City—the only building left standing on what was once a thriving main street block in a Black business district.  The Jewel Theatre operated from the...
A film segment tells the story of an American city, its struggles, and a future revitalized by urban design.
A documentary on Youngstown, Ohio, won top prize at the Better Cities Film Festival in Detroit.
This is fourth in a series of articles on the advantages of building human-scale cities and towns.
Main Streets, downtown cores, and neighborhood centers play a vital social role in American communities. The argument for Central Social Districts is that this social role should be nurtured distinctly for urban centers to succeed.
US Route 20, the longest road in the nation, travels through many interesting and historic places in New York State. One that you have probably never heard of is Cazenovia, a town of 7,000 people, founded in 1793.
Uptown Normal is helping to bring a small downtown back to life, providing an economic boost to a town in Central Illinois.
Proximity and human-scale are still vitally important for sustainability, and yet the geography of our lives has gotten bigger. That is why we need the 15-minute city.
Philip Langdon’s Common\Edge article, The Precarious State of the Mom-and-Pop Store, highlights the beauty of, and challenges facing, an American tradition. “Mom and pop” stores have been under economic pressure for many decades due to...
American college campuses play a major role in young people coming to understand the importance of walkability and bikeability in their communities. For many, living on a college campus is the first time they truly live somewhere with adequate and...