US Route 20, the longest road in the nation, travels through many interesting and historic places in New York State. One that you have probably never heard of is Cazenovia, a town of 7,000 people, founded in 1793.
Uptown Normal is helping to bring a small downtown back to life, providing an economic boost to a town in Central Illinois.
Proximity and human-scale are still vitally important for sustainability, and yet the geography of our lives has gotten bigger. That is why we need the 15-minute city.
Philip Langdon’s Common\Edge article, The Precarious State of the Mom-and-Pop Store, highlights the beauty of, and challenges facing, an American tradition. “Mom and pop” stores have been under economic pressure for many decades due to...
American college campuses play a major role in young people coming to understand the importance of walkability and bikeability in their communities. For many, living on a college campus is the first time they truly live somewhere with adequate and...
This holiday is about places and people and memory, and that has an impact on how we build and experience cities and towns.
Tommy Pacello, passionate placemaker and a star of the New Urbanism at the peak of his abilities, died from complications due to pancreatic cancer on Monday. Pacello, 42, was president of the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) and an...
Developer of the Cotton District succumbs to Covid in late October.
Streets for Voting is a useful tool for communities across the US struggling with new requirements for polling sites in a crucial election.
Although community gardens are often the most unkempt area of the neighborhood, there is no reason that they can't be beautiful—and here are some ideas to make them so.
Better Cities Film Festival, formerly New Urbanism Film Festival, will screen 81 films on urbanism from 25 countries.
As more residents work from home—even after Covid-19—neighborhoods will include more variety in housing types and the way they are used. Part 2 in a two-part series.