Here's the clearest and most complete explanation of the nuts and bolts of CNU's annual Congress and how to engage at every level. CNU 27.Louisville begins June 12, 2019, but engagement starts in less than two weeks.
During the Congress in Savannah, I announced an intentional, ground-up  effort to identify and articulate an overarching goal for the New Urbanist movement for the next 10-20 years to help us accelerate and fully realize the vision of the Charter....
CNU co-founder Stefanos Polyzoides said of Bill Dennis: "We lost a brother."
The survival of live classical music depends on many things, not the least of which is the design and urban planning around concert halls.
CNU 26 Epic Riders Arrive in Savannah
New Urbanists traveled to #CNU26 in ways that express their values
New urbanists lost a respected and capable leader early this week. Hank Dittmar made a difference in urban planning and transportation on both sides of the Atlantic.
In a half century, a neighborhood was cleared for public housing towers. Then the failing towers gave way to a new neighborhood.
Nashville uses Tactical Urbanism to test out ideas on public space and street improvements downtown.
“The pattern of post-World War II development I witnessed in Orange County struck me as fundamentally wrong-headed. But others appeared to accept it as inevitable and somehow normal.”
Cities around the globe wrestle with how to reconcile local vernacular, technological change, and economic growth.
CNU members, the organization, and allies pushed forward on climate change and neighborhood affordability, published widely, and helped people reclaim their streets,
One gaggle of girls, 270-plus trick-or-treaters, 20 pies, and one streetwise cat are vital statistics for this urban thoroughfare.