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Public Square | Water conservation, starchitect honors, road fatalities, smart cities, Black Bottom, Hazel Park, H Street, and gentrification.
City parks have been endangered by suburban flight, privatization and design overkill. Here’s a short list of basics for planning true public spaces.
Public Square | Cafe urbanism, transit hubs, federal spending, smart cities, transit ridership, growing downtowns, hype, breweries, and gentrification.
Public Square | Traffic deaths, speed limits, smart cities, infrastructure plans, transit ridership, ramps, houses, transportation, and resort urbanism.
For storefronts that keep pedestrians entertained, here are the rules of thumb.
Public Square | On-street parking, company towns, Olympic reluctance, cities and pollution, addition, subtraction, advocacy, and gentrification.
This is the front porch view for the Jacob's Pocket Court neighborhood, a new extension of the Village of Cheshire in Black Mountain North Carolina.  The 10-foot deep porch on this cottage faces a small oval–shaped green. The watercolor rendering...
Public Square | Climate change, red states, transportation investment, sinking cities, landlords, pop-ups, accelerating progress, and gentrification.
Charles Marohn of Strong Towns and Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 have been sounding the alarm across America about the financial unsustainability of fragmented development patterns and conventional suburban infrastructure.
Public Square | Carless retirement, growth fallacies, resilient African cities, suburbanists and YIMBYs, affordability, walkability, traffic, and gentrification.
Public Square | State aid, desire lines, HUD, urban trees, the future in Tukwila, the waterfront in Trenton, the highway in Albany, and gentrification in Seoul.