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Public Square | Sanctuary cities, smart cities, identical cities, heavy polluters, intersectional urbanism, flooding, e-bikes, and gentrification.
Andres Duany offers more than 20 reasons why urban design coding is necessary—and he hopes that someday it will no longer be needed.
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Urban living with kids, part one: Attainable urban housing for millennial families with children is poised to become one of the largest market demands in the near future.
New rail and bus rapid transit routes are being built in virtually every large metropolitan area in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Almost 800 route-miles of new transit infrastructure–most of it with dedicated lanes–is now under construction, at a...
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The Nolli Map is the most underutilized tool in the designer/developer tool box. It provides an intimate understanding of place.
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As a strategy, it’s local, less controversial and far more manageable, with actionable steps that give quick, tangible feedback while simultaneously addressing climate change.
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There are two models for development of cities and towns. One, the neighborhood model, founded on thousands of years of trial and error, brings people together.