City life

One gaggle of girls, 270-plus trick-or-treaters, 20 pies, and one streetwise cat are vital statistics for this urban thoroughfare.
The transformation of a New Orleans retail box into a music hall with magnetic street presence is a remarkable urban achievement.
"Porches become stages, yards become venues, and radical generosity and good will rule the day."
It seems everywhere I turn lately I stumble my way into a conversation on creative placemaking — people looking at the activation of public space as a way to further their personal and collective passions and pursuits. It’s heartening. I’...
When I posted a list of ten songs for urbanists in February, many people posted alternative suggestions—so many that I nearly had enough for another list. I curated those suggestions and added a few more. Enjoy! Where Do the Children Play?
Sociability is an economic engine driving the development of cities throughout the world. Keys are to enhance vibrancy, assure safety, and plan for people.
I offer a personal selection of music on topics that urbanists care about—I hope you enjoy it.
The social village has withered in the US, according to The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community, by Marc Dunkelman. How do we restore it?
For one warm fall Sunday afternoon, “the most diverse musical lineup of any festival in Georgia” transformed a neighborhood in Decatur, an inner-ring suburb of Atlanta.