• I'm Jenny
    I work to promote community and sense of place by designing beautiful buildings that take part in local traditions. #iamcnu

    The People / #iamcnu

  • I'm Josh
    I organize community events to get people out exploring their city.

    The People / #iamcnu

  • I'm Deanna.
    I seek to create new types of infrastructure to support safe, equitable cities. #iamcnu

    The People / #iamcnu

The People / #iamcnu

Far from being confined to one profession or organization, New Urbanists are a multidisciplinary, pragmatic, and diverse group of people who design, build, and advocate for places people love. The commitment to building and rebuilding great communities extends across all boundaries and is highly context-sensitive. Anyone who works to redesign a street, strengthen ties in a neighborhood, develop new housing, or preserve a historic landmark is putting New Urbanism into action—regardless of their affiliation or background.

Here, you can meet just a few of the countless professionals, leaders, advocates, and citizens working to build better places around the world in a campaign we're calling #iamcnu. Navigate below to learn more about how passionate individuals can spark change in their communities—and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Kristen Jeffers

    My name is Kristen Jeffers, and I work to bring issues of equity and access to the forefront of the conversation. As founder and editor-in-chief of The Black Urbanist, I challenge my readers to think more broadly about creating vibrancy and great places for all people—including people of color,...Read more
  • Deanna VanBuren

    My name is Deanna, and I believe that in order to create safe and equitable cities, we must address violence through rehabilitation rather than punishment. As principal and founder of FOURM design studio , I seek to create new types of infrastructure to support this shift. I work collaboratively...Read more
  • Eliza Harris Juliano

    My name is Eliza, and I plan beautiful places that give people choices. As a Principal at Canin Associates, I help developers and communities build and rebuild neighborhoods where walking or biking to run an errand or go to school is a safe and pleasant experience. We design places that work for...Read more
  • Dhiru Thadani

    My name is Dhiru, and my passion is to make beautiful places that uplift the human spirit. I love to draw, and I begin each day with a drawing. For more than three decades, I have taught, practiced, and worked to place architecture and urbanism in the public eye. I design buildings, neighborhoods,...Read more