Jonathon Stalls

My name is Jonathon, and I help more people get out and start walking. As the founder of Walk2Connect, I believe that traveling on foot has profound personal, social, communal, and environmental benefits, and I work to remove the barriers that prevent Americans from enjoying them. I make it easier for individuals and organizations to invest in and adopt innovative walking programs that work to transform walking from a choice to a behavior to a lifestyle.

Walk2Connect is a unique, engaged member of the movement to make the walking lifestyle safer, easier, and more comfortable. By getting our participants out on foot—through our events and through our educational outreach—we help them connect with their surroundings and each other while experiencing life at a more engaged pace. #lifeat3mph #iamcnu


CNU helps to create more walkable places through a number of tools and resources—like our Urban Thoroughfares Manual—along with transportation reform, Complete Streets advocacy, and our pioneering Highways to Boulevards initiative.  Additionally, CNU’s Transportation Summits series has regularly convened leading thinkers in transportation reform to tackle current challenges since 2002.

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