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  • Nathan Norris joins Congress for the New Urbanism

    Today, we're proud to announce that Nathan Norris, the former CEO of the Lafayette Downtown Development Authority, will join CNU in January as Director of Education and Training Programs. Norris, a longtime CNU member, cofounder of the New Urban Guild, and founder of the City Building Exchange,...Read more
  • New Sugar Land development faces public reception

    As one Houston metropolitan community moves to implement New Urbanist development policies, there are questions regarding public acceptance of such drastic changes to entrenched suburban ideals. Mike Snyder of The Houston Chronicle addresses the hesitancy of Sugar Land, Texas' residents, and how...Read more
  • What city will host CNU 27?

    */ From the resurgence of livable downtowns to the rise of urban technology, America's cities are changing faster than ever before. Every year, CNU's annual Congress visits one host city where those changes are on display—exploring the state of New Urbanism through the lens of places like Seattle,...Read more
  • A Project Mends a Gash in the Street Grid of Washington

    Change is well underway at a long dysfunctional and unhealthy plot of the captial's streetscape. The stub of an urban highway on Massachusetts Ave, just blocks from the Capitol Building, is being "decked" and built over in an effort to restore the city's vibrant street grid. Eugene Meyer of The New...Read more
  • Experts share why they believe NY will tear down I-81, put traffic on Syracuse streets

    Another aging freeway may be headed for demolition as state officials in New York contemplate the future of Syracuse's Interstate 81. Nearing the end of its natural lifespan, I-81 is a physical and social barrier through Syracuse, and indicators statewide hint at its oncoming demise. Charley...Read more
  • Are You Embracing New Urbanism Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

    The movement for new, sustainable, and healthy urbanism continues to expand its reach this week with the kickoff of the fourth annual New Urbanism Film Festival (NUFF) in Los Angeles. Featuring such films as "Through the Place" and "Accidental Parkland," the festival introduces the movement to a...Read more