In The Humanists Versus the Reactionary Avant Garde, Charles Siegel illuminates the question of what progressive, contemporary architecture truly means.
While the election is taking up much of the current press, the budget deficit and continually looming government shutdown still continues to be a problem. However, a proposal has been made for our nation’s capital to withstand a cost saving measure...
As the US plans to meet its massive urban challenges, we believe that a comparison with Canada is particularly useful—more so than more widely discussed European models, whose relevance tend to be rather more aspirational than practical.
The current economic conditions in Latin America, as well as a newly found awareness, are slowly opening doors to good city making. But there is work yet to be done.
The early 20th Century urban planning giant was right about St. Petersburg—and he inspired the New Urbanism.
The impact of the neighborhood on many sources of climate emissions is clearly visible in this University of California research.