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Holland, MI


City of Holland

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the City Manager, this position is responsible for creating a dynamic and innovative environment for protecting and promoting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Holland and its visitors according to City’s plans, policies and strategies. This is accomplished by overseeing the day to day management of the Department of Community and Neighborhood Services which is comprised of 16 full time employees and 4-part time employees covering approximately the following city functions: Planning and Development, Construction Inspection Services, Zoning, Rental Housing Programs, Code Enforcement, Neighborhood and Home Improvement Programs, and Sustainability and Solid Waste Programs. This work includes directing the orderly planning for the economic and residential growth and redevelopment enhancement of the City; directing the drafting and enforcement of City ordinances; and planning the orderly maintenance of the City’s environmental services and inspections, all while removing barriers to success. 

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Provides leadership to a multi-disciplinary team to further the City's mission of maximizing livability in Holland, through overseeing staff and personnel functions of all programs and operations of theDepartment including: hiring, reviewing work, scheduling, training, administering discipline, and providing overall guidance and direction to Departmental staff coordinators.
  2. Prepares or delegates and administers the annual budget of Department.
  3. Directs and supervises field staff involved in activities such as community nuisance control, housing and property maintenance inspections, vacant and abandoned home inspections and plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections, building and zoning code enforcement and solid waste and recycling management.
  4. Develops policies, code revisions, and desired legislation recommendations to accomplish goals of the
  5. Department and the City to maximize livability and to ease or remove barriers to economic development.
  6. Serves as recommending authority on any final code interpretation or enforcement issue, should an item be appealed to the City Manager.
  7. Confers with representatives of other City departments and the City Manager to discuss problems and practices and developing orderly solutions and methods to meet common goals pertaining to environmental health and inspection services.
  8. Makes on-site inspections to evaluate complex or questionable practices in areas such as sanitation and construction practices.
  9. Meets or corresponds with concerned citizens, developers, attorneys and other relevant parties,explaining ordinances and resolving complaints within established regulations.
  10. Meets with legal counsel to prepare relevant ordinances, review prosecutions, and prepare or evaluate contracts.
  11. Assigns staff and oversees their service as liaison to the Board of Appeals (Zoning, Housing and
  12. Construction).
  13. Responsible for overseeing the delegation of applicant requests for land use changes, zoning amendments, conducting on-site inspections of property, meeting with developers to explain ordinances, and performing other duties as necessary to support the development efforts of the Department.
  14. Confers with local authorities and representatives of units of government to devise and recommend arrangement of land and physical facilities for residential, commercial, industrial and general community uses.
  15. Responsible for overseeing the development of special projects involving the overall planning and visioning process for the City.
  16. Responsible for overseeing the delegation of maintaining and updating the City’s master plans and neighborhood plans for the benefit of the City’s neighborhoods and community, and related public policy strategies.
  17. Ensures adequate staff support for the Planning and Historic District Commissions and for Holland’s Sustainability Committee and the Home Energy Retrofit program, while integrating the work of these entities into the overall work of the Department and in all departments within the City. 
  18. Participates in the preparation of zoning, subdivision, environmental quality ordinances and ordinance revisions.
  19. Ensures staff support and coordination of Downtown Development Authority/Mainstreet, Principal Shopping District, and Downtown Parking Boards and programs with other appropriate Department functions.
  20. Provides planning and economic development assistance to Downtown visioning and strategic planning efforts in coordination with City-wide programs.
  21. Ensures overall coordination of housing maintenance, code compliance, rental housing inspection programs and other neighborhood programs and projects with other appropriate Department activities.
  22. Ensures adequate staff support for the Neighborhood Improvement Committee.
  23. Responsible for overseeing administration and effectiveness of federal, state and local grant administration.