Form a CNU Chapter

  • Mercado District | Tucson, Arizona
    A timeless place from the ground up. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Village of Providence | Huntsville, Alabama
    Expanding options for a car-oriented suburban area. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Storrs Center | Mansfield, CT
    A mixed-use center for town and gown. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • UCLA Weyburn | Los Angeles, CA
    From parking lot to urban tour-de-force. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • Ponce City Market | Atlanta
    A unique building becomes a hub for historic neighborhoods. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

  • South Main | Buena Vista, Colorado
    An inspiring town extension. #thisiscnu

    Build Great Places / #thisiscnu

CNU Chapters provide a local framework to collaborate on building more great places for everyone. Chapters are a leading voice to promote and define urban design in communities and across regions.

From a formal non-profit 501(c)3 CNU Chapter to partnering with CNU as a Local Affiliate, there is a way for you to gather local leaders, like-minded organizations, and practitioners looking for peer networking, professional development, and strategies and tools of what works in their communities.

See below for the several different ways you can form a CNU Chapter:

Create a Formal Non-Profit 501(c)3 CNU Chapter

A CNU Chapter is recognized by CNU National to reach regional/state or major city areas. 

Work with an existing CNU Chapter to form a Satellite or Subchapter

Satellite and Subchapters are nestled under formal non-profit 501(c)3s to have a local reach under the statewide/regional chapter.  

Gather placemakers to form a Chapter Interest Group

Chapter Interest Groups are CNU members and non-members interested in creating a CNU Chapter or having a greater presence in the area.

Partner with a CNU Chapter or CNU National as a non-Chapter / Local Affiliate Organization

Local affiliates are adopted by existing CNU Chapters or are a greater partner of CNU National.

Form an International CNU Chapter, Council, or NGO

Having an international presence is important to the movement in building great places. Learn more about our existing councils here.   

Create a Students for New Urbanism (SNU) Chapter at your Campus

Students for the New Urbanism (SNU) groups are student organizations registered with their educational institution to promote awareness of New Urbanism and issues related to the built environment. Learn more here

To learn how you can form a CNU Chapter, email the Chapter Coordinator at or visit our Chapter FAQ page.