Tony Garcia and Mike Lydon

We’re Mike and Tony, and we use Tactical Urbanism to inspire civic leaders and residents to experience and shape urban spaces in a new way. As the authors of Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action for Long-Term Change, we work to redesign cities and towns from the ground up. Our work involves a variety of tactics designed to demonstrate how high-quality streets, public spaces and neighborhoods might actually look and feel for residents, city officials, and key stakeholders. The tactical urbanism approach combines planning, design, and research-advocacy to build momentum for positive community transformation and increase social interaction. 

We believe that new public engagement tools like Tactical Urbanism are essential to involve a new generation of leaders and citizens in the planning process. Through our low-cost, high-return methods, we help people from all walks of life understand, envision, and showcase their communities’ tremendous potential.


CNU’s work in public engagement and charrettes helps bring more community members into the planning process and build broader consensus around better neighborhood development. Many CNU-affiliated organizations like the National Charrette Institute also work at the forefront of new engagement and empowerment strategies.

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