Josh Paget

My name is Josh. I organize community events to get people out exploring their city. I moved to Los Angeles to be a stand up comedian. Performing at clubs all over the city, I noticed that some areas were charming and others were sprawling and blighted. My research into the history of sprawl led me to CNU. I was inspired by the innovative community-oriented urban design and the message that every individual can contribute to building places people love.

I founded the New Urbanism Film Festival at the comedy club I now manage. The fun, low-key atmosphere attracts a broad range of people to become engaged in planning discussions who would not otherwise be at the table.  And because of that our cities will be better off than they otherwise would have been.


CNU and its members have worked to to raise awareness on cities and urban planning since the organization’s founding. Together, we help to advance the national conversation by convening experts, sharing strategies for success, and accelerating member-led efforts.

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