Jenny Bevan

My name is Jenny, and I work to promote community and sense of place by designing beautiful buildings that take part in ever-maturing local traditions. My partner Christopher and I believe that urbanism, architecture, and the building arts together contribute to a place’s character, which in turn contributes to a community’s culture and identity.

In “Our Disposable Architecture,” I speak to the fact that disposable buildings beget disposable communities and show how even the small details of a building can promote durable communities. We lay out principles for how to develop in places that are locally distinct at, which has a growing list of signers from around the globe.


CNU helps to create more walkable places through a number of tools and resources, like our Small-Scale Developers and Builders project, our Missing Middle Housing advocacy, and our pioneering work on financing mixed-use development. Additionally, our annual Congress connects thousands of architects, planners, and developers working in communities around the world.

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