Galina Tachieva

I’m Galina, and I use design to revitalize and rebalance suburbs through the practice of sprawl repair. I believe that, while America needs walkable development now more than ever, the expanse of sprawl represents a vast investment that cannot be abandoned or demolished. As the author of the Sprawl Repair Manual, my approach incrementally retrofits auto-centric suburban places into complete, vibrant communities through focused interventions.

I help cities and town think though through the design and implementation process for thriving town centers, regional plans, and community revitalization projects. Together, we are helping communities reimagine their most problematic infrastructure and assets as vibrant, human-scaled places where people want to be.


CNU’s Sprawl Retrofit project, along with our publication Build a Better Burb, works to repair and retrofit sprawling developments into the vibrant, high-performing walkable places that are growing in popularity. In less than a decade since its creation, Sprawl Retrofit has demonstrated that rehabilitating traditional suburbs is achievable through existing policy and design approaches.

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