Eric Kronberg

My name is Eric, and I believe that our most important opportunity to build places people love is in reinvigorating existing, blighted neighborhoods that have adaptable building stock and walkable infrastructure. Redevelopment is hard, but the potential to repurpose these existing assets is unparalleled. Constructing new places and associated infrastructure from scratch is massively expensive and misses the opportunity to capitalize on the inherent social value in familiar local buildings and public spaces. We see revitalization as the best hope for supporting neighborhoods to be economically, ethnically, and socially inclusive.

With that in mind, I seek to design buildings and projects that have the opportunity to improve neighborhoods, while meeting the financial goals of private developers and/or the missions of non-profits.


Many CNU members are leaders within the architecture, design, and planning communities. Together, we help to advance the national conversation by convening experts, sharing strategies for success, and accelerating member-led efforts. Outstanding architecture and design projects accelerated by CNU's support include Sprawl RetrofitLEED for Neighborhood Development, and our national advocacy work on financing development.

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