Eliza Harris Juliano

My name is Eliza, and I plan beautiful places that give people choices. As a Principal at Canin Associates, I help developers and communities build and rebuild neighborhoods where walking or biking to run an errand or go to school is a safe and pleasant experience. We design places that work for tweens, grandmas, and everyone in between.

I went to high school in a suburb where I was trapped until I got my driver’s license. At CNU, I learned it didn’t have to be that way. We have choices about what kind of communities we want to build for ourselves and our kids.

In addition to advising communities as my day job, I spend many nights serving on community committees and nonprofit boards to make the place I live safer and more comfortable for people who want to or have to walk to work, the grocery store, or wherever else life takes them.  #iamcnu


Many CNU members are leaders within the architecture, design, and planning communities. Together, we help to advance the national conversation by convening experts, sharing strategies for success, and accelerating member-led efforts. Outstanding architecture and design projects accelerated by CNU’s support include Sprawl Retrofit, LEED for Neighborhood Development, and our national advocacy work on financing development.

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