Dhiru Thadani

My name is Dhiru, and my passion is to make beautiful places that uplift the human spirit. I love to draw, and I begin each day with a drawing. For more than three decades, I have taught, practiced, and worked to place architecture and urbanism in the public eye. I design buildings, neighborhoods, college towns, and city centers using patterns that are walkable and enduring. I share my research freely with anyone to benefit the understanding of urban places.

My appreciation for urban life came at an early age through the boisterous city life of Bombay.  My understanding of urbanism came from CNU members. Now, no matter where I work, in Asia, Europe, North America — CNU provides the guiding principles for all my advocacy and design efforts. #iamcnu


Many CNU members are leaders within the architecture, design, and planning communities. Together, we help to advance the national conversation by convening experts, sharing strategies for success, and accelerating member-led efforts. Outstanding architecture and design projects accelerated by CNU's support include Sprawl Retrofit, LEED for Neighborhood Development, and our national advocacy work on financing development.

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