Corbin Prydwen

My name is Corbin, and I’m working to revitalize Roanoke, Virginia’s West End—one building at a time. I restore blighted homes and commercial space in a walkable, mixed-use setting, working with multiple investors. Our work is diversity-focused—we engage with local business leaders and residents to balance revitalization and neighborhood character. 

As a result, the West End is growing into one of Roanoke’s most vibrant walkable districts while maintaining its diverse community. Every building we restore represents a piece of Virginia history saved from the bulldozer, and another cornerstone in rebuilding our amazing city.


CNU helps to create more walkable places through a number of tools and resources, like our Small-Scale Developers and Builders project, our Missing Middle Housing advocacy, and our pioneering work on financing mixed-use development. Additionally, our annual Congress connects thousands of architects, planners, and developers working in communities around the world.

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