Amanda Popken

My name is Amanda, and I work to build strong connections between people, community, and quality of place. I use urban design to help generate incremental improvements at the neighborhood level. My approach brings together community members, elected officials, and entrepreneurs to build stable foundations for economic development.

I believe that building better places starts with cultivating networks of connections between people and their neighborhoods. From short-term activation strategies like tactical urbanism to long-term development and planning work, I help communities strengthen district identity, attract new visitors, and nurture new enterprises.


Many CNU members are leaders within the architecture, design, and planning communities. Together, we help to advance the national conversation by convening experts, sharing strategies for success, and accelerating member-led efforts. Outstanding architecture and design projects accelerated by CNU’s support include Sprawl RetrofitLEED for Neighborhood Development, and our national advocacy work on financing development.

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