Granada Court

Pasadena, California

Granada Court, located in Pasadena's Playhouse District, is a courtyard-style housing development. Built in 2007, Granada Court boasts 31 luxury units set atop a 50-car below-ground parking garage. The traditional architecture follows a Southern Californian vernacular style. The project has three distinct courtyards, and each unit overlooks at least one of them. Its higher units not only have balconies that overlook a courtyard below, but they also have views of the San Gabriel Mountains and downtown Pasadena. While suburban Pasadena continues to urbanize, Granada Court has become a contributing asset to the town's growing downtown.

Granada Court Pasadena building
Granada Court helps to define downtown Pasadena. Source: Moule & Polyzoides.
Top Photo: Granada Court's interior courtyard. Source: Moule & Polyzoides.

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