Strategic Plan 2016-18

This is a crucial moment for New Urbanism. Since our founding in 1993, CNU has changed the conversation and created thousands of New Urbanist streets, developments, and neighborhoods. Walkable, mixed-use communities are returning to popularity—and we have the knowledge and tools to build them on a wide scale.

The CNU Strategic Plan for 2016-18 is a vision for CNU’s next three years that acknowledges our unique role in the placemaking movement, identifies key areas where we can increase our impact, and commits to significantly scaling up New Urbanist principles, strategies, and approaches. The plan seeks to build on CNU’s strengths through three areas of organizational focus:

  • Empowering cities and towns
  • Changing policies and standards
  • Building strategic partnerships

This three-year strategic plan is designed to build CNU’s assets and strengthen the movement as New Urbanism enters its second quarter century. A stronger, more engaged CNU means a stronger movement—and a stronger movement can imagine, design, build, and preserve great urbanism in more places.