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Alex McKeag, Friday, September 2, 2016

Whether it's a historic small town with a resurgent Main Street or a newly retrofitted suburban town center, great places need great street networks to function. Multi-modal street design can improve community health, safety, prosperity, culture, and character—but only if advocates have the right tools to succeed.

CNU is working with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) to assemble the Practitioner’s Guide for Walkable Urban Thoroughfare Design—a visually rich volume of street design principles and strategies to complement the ITE/CNU Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach manual. Designed for transportation professionals, elected officials, and community members alike, the Practitioner's Guide is an user-friendly resource for explaining and implementing great street design principles. 

We're asking for your help. CNU is looking for case studies on street design success for inclusion in this guide. Whether these redesigns slimmed a wide arterial roadway, innovatively accommodated cyclists, handled freight traffic along a retail corridor, or integrated recreational trails into a street network, we want to hear about it.

Submit A Project

In particular, we're looking for case studies with:

  • Maturity: Built projects that have revealed favorable results over time—such as a change in land-use context, fewer collisions, increased pedestrian activity, and more.
  • Design Flexibility: Built projects that exemplify design flexibility—for example, where convention said to widen the roadway, this project dared to adjust to the context, reduce lane widths, and enhance the public realm.
  • Diversity: Built projects that are geographically diverse—small to mid-size cities, suburbs, and towns, not major U.S. cities—as well as diverse in scope.

If you know of an ideal project, please submit a case study to CNU by Friday, September 9th. You'll empower the next generation of street design advocates—while showing off your favorite multi-modal success story. 

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