New Sugar Land development faces public reception

Grant Cunningham, Thursday, December 1, 2016

As one Houston metropolitan community moves to implement New Urbanist development policies, there are questions regarding public acceptance of such drastic changes to entrenched suburban ideals. Mike Snyder of The Houston Chronicle addresses the hesitancy of Sugar Land, Texas' residents, and how the city can move forward in pursuing healthy urban development. From the article:

"A draft of the new Sugar Land policies, still subject to change as officials gather public input, stresses many of the themes that animate the movement known as "smart growth" or "complete communities" - walkable developments where homes, shops and entertainment are close together, and connections that make it possible for people to walk or bike between destinations rather than having to drive everywhere. 

"Pedestrian connection from the public right-of-way to the 'front door' should be primary over the vehicular connection," one proposed policy states. In other words, people should have priority over cars. And, as I noted in a column last week, another provision suggests that a degree of roadway congestion adjacent to activity centers may be acceptable."

For the full story, read more at The Houston Chronicle.

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