CNU presented with Driehaus Prize special award

Grant Cunningham, Thursday, January 19, 2017

CNU has been awarded a special honor on the occasion of the University of Notre Dame's 15th annual presentation of its Driehaus Prize, chosen by a jury for its contribution to the public realm. From the University's announcement:

In recognition of the Congress for the New Urbanism’s 25 years of work promoting the development of healthy, walkable, livable communities, the Driehaus Prize jury named CNU recipient of a special award for contributions to the public realm.

'We live in an age that often privileges the private realm over the public, and the Congress for the New Urbanism has worked tirelessly to promote the interests of the public realm. Initially through the design of new communities like Seaside, Florida, and later through education outreach that expanded demand for the improvement of established towns and cities,” stated Dean Lykoudis. “For over two decades, CNU has shown how it is possible to meet the needs of diverse communities with a basic set of principles that can be adapted for different cultures and traditions to create vibrant, beautiful places.'

For the full story, read more at Notre Dame News.

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