Location: Las Cruces, NM

Active Transportation Coordinator

Salary: $58,377.90 - $83,406.54 Annually

Nature of Work
Plan, organize, coordinate, and manage, programs and activities for active transportation (bicycle, pedestrian, transit linkages) to administer the execution of the Active Transportation Plan and lead various related initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reviews, reports, and recommends plans, facility and transportation network improvements, design standards, and public investments to meet objectives identified by the Active Transportation Plan and Capital Improvement Program and Plan.
  • Conducts, leads, and guides various programs and projects including education, coordination, planning, and programming, related to active transportation implementation to support strategic objectives and initiatives.
  • Provides work oversight and performance feedback and trains and instructs employees to meet established goals and objectives; assures adherence to safety standards, policies, and procedures for efficient and safe operations.
  • Researches, develops, tracks, and analyzes relevant data, to include land use, safety, and traffic, to prepare and present various special and recurring reports, documents, and plans; develops and presents information in clear and easily used formats; maintains regulatory compliance by keeping current on industry trends, regulations, and issues; identifies areas of concern for management for review and potential action.
  • Develops, administers, reviews, and amends plans, policies, and ordinances for active transportation in collaboration with other government departments and agencies; reviews construction projects and building permits to ensure compliance with active transportation ordinances and standards; conducts site visits, inspections, and project design review to ensure compliance.
  • Prioritizes and assigns tasks and projects; evaluates and analyzes resources, processes, and procedures to identify issues and recommend changes for improvement; interprets applicable rules and regulations within scope of authority to provide leadership and guidance in administering plans, policies, and procedures.
  • Responds to inquiries, provides training, presents education materials, and distributes relevant resources to provide assistance and information on related assignments and activities; maintains and updates information and data in various mediums, formats, and systems and maintains informational presence on City website.
  • Makes presentations to local businesses, service groups, public groups, and at conferences and seminars to promote active transportation and City initiatives; prepares press releases, drafts articles, and appears on multiple media platforms when required.
  • Assists and supports the preparation, management, reporting, and compliance efforts related to awarded active transportation grants and other financial matters.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Geography, Urban Planning, Public Administration, Urban and Regional Studies or related field AND three (3) years professional experience related to bicycle, pedestrian, land development, engineering, and/or transportation activities. A combination of education, experience, and training may be applied in accordance with City of Las Cruces policy.

Licenses/Certifications: Valid driver's license is required. Position requires an acceptable driving record in accordance with City of Las Cruces policies. Certification by American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) or designation as an Engineering Intern (El) may be preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of: principles, practices, techniques, activities, rules, and regulations related to the operations and functions of the position and services provided; current principles of record keeping, records management, project planning and management; effective research methods, data management and analysis; municipal budgeting and grant program management; customer service, and problem resolution techniques; occupational and environmental safety and health hazards, and safety practices; safe and effective use and maintenance of related tools, materials, and equipment; current methods and standards for preparing effective business correspondence; correct English usage, grammar, composition, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary; business and personal computers and related software applications; City organization, operations, policies, and procedures to effectively perform the required functions and duties of the position.

Ability to: perform a variety of duties and responsibilities and assess and prioritize multiple tasks, projects, and demands to meet deadlines; ensure appropriate levels of service to achieve expectations and meet objectives; read, understand, and assure compliance with a variety of policies, procedures, rules, standards, and regulations governing related activities and functions; effectively lead, oversee, and guide the work of others; communicate effectively orally and in writing and use interpersonal skills to sufficiently exchange or convey information and receive work direction; prepare and present accurate and reliable information and reports; establish and maintain effective and appropriate working relationships with employees, other agencies, and the public; safely and effectively operate associated systems, tools, equipment, and motorized vehicles; navigate across even and uneven surfaces; timely and accurately enter data and update records using various mediums and formats; take initiative and exercise sound independent judgment within established procedural guidelines and carry out primary responsibilities in accordance with all governing regulations, statutes, and procedures to ensure achievement of goals and objectives.

Skills in: reading, understanding, and applying relevant rules, ordinances, codes, regulations, policies, and procedures; effectively coordinating and managing assigned programs and projects; responding to inquiries timely and within the scope of delegated authority; responding appropriately, maintaining objectivity and freedom from prejudice, and exercising sound judgment and understanding in all interactions; effectively working independently, or as a team member, in various environments with changing priorities; preparing and presenting various reports, documents, forms, and correspondence; researching information, analyzing data, maintaining accurate records, and updating information in various mediums and formats; operating a personal computer with installed generic and specialized software; preparing and presenting information in a clear and concise manner; demonstrating appropriate and effective interpersonal communication; performing highly effective support in assigned areas.

How to Apply
Apply online at: