Location: Newmarket, NH

Housing Opportunity & Community Development Grant Consultant

Closing: June 12, 2023

Full RFP:

The Town of Newmarket, New Hampshire is soliciting proposals for professional services to assist the Newmarket Department of Planning and Community Development and Planning Board with the implementation of the InvestNH Housing Opportunity Planning (HOP) Grant Project which seeks to develop regulatory changes to its zoning ordinance in and around the designated North Gateway District. The project’s intent is to assist the Town of Newmarket to achieve its economic development and housing goals by designing and codifying a form-based code via a robust and iterative community engagement process that will yield the regulatory framework to increase mixed-use and missing middle housing development opportunities.

How to Apply
Please submit seven (7) copies of the proposal and one (1) copy of the sealed bid price with your submission proposal along with an electronic copy in Adobe PFD format. Proposals shall be submitted to:

Town of Newmarket
Attn: Bart McDonough, Director of Planning and Community Development
86 Main Street Newmarket, NH 03857