Location: Fort Worth, TX

McCart Avenue Corridor Design and Plan

Closing: June 08, 2023

Full RFP:

The City of Fort Worth is seeking consultant services to develop a set of context-sensitive corridor projects and policies to address future cross-sections, access management, multi-modal transportation elements (including transit), safety improvements, operational improvements, and recommendations for a private realm built-form that supports different modes of transportation and a sense of place on McCart Avenue from Covert Ave just north of Loop 820 (I-20) to the planned County Road 920, but also including a portion of Altamesa Boulevard from Hulen Street on the west to railroad on the east. The purpose of this planning effort is to:

  • Collect any data necessary to evaluate existing transportation, land use, market, and environmental (natural, built, human) conditions within the project study limits, from several plans, studies, policies and projects that are relevant to the study limits, including but not limited to:
    • City of Fort Worth Comprehensive Plan (2020)
    • City of Fort Worth Master Thoroughfare Plan (2016)
    • North Central Texas Council on Government (NCTCOG) Mobility 2045
  • Identify relevant cross-section, projects, and policies to maximize the corridor performance, transportation network, and supportive land uses, that if implemented, will enhance mobility, connectivity, safety, and various multimodal travel options, not limited to:
    • Proposed cross-sections by context zone (including any new location construction, as well as capital renewal, and retrofits)
    • Improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle realm, appropriate sidewalks and bikeways, streetscapes, pedestrian crossings, intersection improvements, signals, transit operations, and other supportive infrastructure.
  • Create near, short, medium, and long-term projects, and policy recommendations that are tailored to the needs of the stakeholder/implementing entities in the study area.

How to Apply
City of Fort Worth
Purchasing Division
200 Texas Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

FORMAT: One (1) original and Nine (9) copies
One (1) electronic in PDF Format on USB.

Send Questions to:
Walter Council
Principal Regional Planner
Transportation and Public Works Department
Regional Transportation and Innovation Division
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