Location: Milwaukee, WI

All-Electric, Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes Project

Closing: Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Full RFP:

The City of Milwaukee’s Department of Administration (DOA) - Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO), working with local housing partners, seeks to catalyze the market for new affordable net-zero energy homes, built in Milwaukee for Milwaukee and the surrounding regions. The City requests proposals from qualified teams (consisting of a developer, housing manufacturer, architect, and general contractor) to develop at least two (2) new net-zero energy homes built using off-site construction techniques. Optionally, teams may also submit initial proposals to open a new housing factory in Milwaukee.

The goal of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to prime and foster a market for affordable net-zero energy homes to help increase the supply of affordable housing in Milwaukee, while helping to restore Milwaukee’s manufacturing base and create both on-site and off-site employment opportunities for Milwaukee residents.

Scope of Work
The goal of Milwaukee’s All-Electric, Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes Project RFP is to create a partnership with a qualified developer(s) who can build and sell low-income, energy-efficient residences in a manner and process that can be replicated and scaled. (NOTE: Respondents should be aware that only non- profit developers can take advantage of New Market Tax Credits to support gap financing on future projects.)

In an ideal scenario, the highest scored respondent to this RFP is a developer that has a partnership with a housing manufacturer that can build components off-site to be constructed on City-owned vacant lots as part of Phase 1. The new homes should be built and available for sale by October 2024. (For this phase, the components do not have to be built within the City of Milwaukee.) In optional Phase 2, the housing manufacturer opens a manufacturing facility or finishing factory in the City of Milwaukee that meets the demand for prefabricated housing components. This can include having space for the factory under lease or site control and a plan to order equipment and ramp up full operations by 2026.

How to Apply
For this RFP, the City of Milwaukee is using a Bonfire portal for accepting and evaluating proposals digitally. Upload your submission at:

Your submission must be uploaded, submitted, and finalized prior to the Closing Time of Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 2:00 PM CST. We strongly recommend that you give yourself sufficient time and at least ONE (1) hour before Closing Time to begin the uploading process and to finalize your submission.