City of Charleston
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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Location: Charleston, SC

Zoning Ordinance Update

General Overview:

The City of Charleston, South Carolina is seeking consulting firms to assist with an update of the City's Zoning Ordinance to create an incentive based redevelopment zoning for a suburban area of the City known as West Ashley. Proposals will be considered from qualified firms, with a preference to firms that are familiar with South Carolina state laws governing zoning ordinances.

The update will provide a redevelopment zoning category specific to the West Ashley area of the City of Charleston. The objective is for the ordinance to spur redevelopment of currently vacant or underutilized commercial sites throughout West Ashley via market driven incentives.

Scope of Services:

The following is a general description of the scope of work to be completed by successful consultant. In preparing the proposal, the consultant is free to modify, revise, or otherwise amend the list of categories to best satisfy the requirements with the consent of the City. No sub-consulting is anticipated at this time, if it becomes apparent that sub-consulting will be necessary the City will need to approve additional funds.

1. Review Plan West Ashley, illustrative redevelopment concepts within the Plan, and current zoning districts to ensure the proposed zoning amendment will comply with the vision for the future of West Ashley.

  • Work with City Staff to identify areas of improvement in current regulations;
  • Work with the West Ashley Revitalization Commission, Planning Commission, and/or City Council to identify areas of improvements in current regulations;
  • Review Plan West Ashley for implementation guidelines;
  • Work with various stakeholder groups to understand opportunities and constraints including but not limited to members of the public, key property owners, local investors and developers.

2. Create a new floating zone or other innovative zoning strategies to fully realize redevelopment incentives for the West Ashley region. Focus should be placed on entitlement predictability, innovative stormwater management designs, and market driven incentives.

  • A focus on predictable redevelopment of currently underutilized commercial property to encourage and allow for the highest and best use of mixed use properties along key regional corridors. Providing predictability with regards to regulations and process is critical;
  • A quality built environment that will adapt to the changing climate and stormwater management challenges is essential to the success of the regulation;
  • The mixing of uses should be emphasized with a stress placed on offices and affordable housing motivations;
  • Working with City Staff and appointed boards for feedback on the ordinance and any documentation required.

3. Draft proposed zoning regulation and the assist in adoption process.

  • Meeting with City staff to discuss adoption process;
  • Presentation to Planning Commission and City Council, in addition to other meetings as requested by City Staff.


Submittals should include proposed schedule for the project. The City prefers the project to be completed within six months of the approval of the contract for the project. Project timeline should include the public process for review and adoption by West Ashley Revitalization Commission, Planning Commission and City Council.

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Deadline: Thursday, May 2, 2019

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