Village of Shorewood
Close date: 
Friday, January 25, 2019

Location: Shorewood, WI

Transportation and Parking Analysis

The Village of Shorewood is seeking a consultant to comprehensively review its existing built-environment and regulations pertaining to transportation facilities and parking provisions in relation to economic and environmental sustainability, market conditions and “complete street” best practices. Upon review and contextual analysis, public engagement will be anticipated for both education and expectations, prior to the development of implementation recommendations.

Project Background

The village of Shorewood, Wisconsin (population 13,315 – 1.2 sq. miles) is located within Milwaukee County’s North Shore communities. It is a completely built-out, first-ring, urban suburb of the city of Milwaukee that is amongst the most densely developed municipalities in the state of Wisconsin. There are approximately 28 miles of roadway within the village serving 6,453 housing units, 53.4% of which are renter occupied. The village is adjacent to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which also impacts parking demands. The Village also maintains two commercial corridors (N. Oakland Ave. and E. Capitol Dr.) that have significant multi-story office, residential and mixed-use properties.

In 2018, the Village Board of Trustees undertook a prioritization process based on its current vision to identify current needs, and a transportation and parking analysis was selected as a top priority. Within that discussion, it was noted that over time numerous projects and requests have been implemented to fix changing development patterns and market demands. It is expected that through this comprehensive study the Village will develop a guide to reference as projects are requested and elected for implementation.

The Village anticipates creating an internal technical advisory group of staff, under the oversight of the Public Works Committee Chair to help guide the process, gather and disseminate information. Communication with and to the technical advisory group through the project leader (Planning and Development Director) should be anticipated throughout the project. The technical advisory group will also consult with citizen board members (Community Development Authority, Conservation Committee, Elder Services Advisory Board, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee, and Plan Commission), representatives from the Business Improvement District and School District, and elected officials, as necessary.

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