Congress for the new Urbanism
Close date: 
Friday, March 15, 2019

Location: Washington, DC

Graphic Design Contractor


The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) seeks a graphic design firm to maintain and enhance its current brand and to produce visually compelling print and digital designs and templates for in-house use by CNU staff for our annual Congress and Charter Awards, as well as designs for occasional special projects for the organization, such as collateral materials and a possible information brochure. The final products should offer CNU staff the flexibility and agency to produce high-quality materials in-house through relatively simple design and production, in addition to full-service designed materials that would transmit seamlessly from the designer to production.

An especially critical part of the deliverables is detailed branding and style guidance that supports the work of a busy, DIY-oriented nonprofit staff with varying levels of design experience, giving us the ability to confidently execute simple projects online and in print (usually as downloadable PDF format rather than actually printed).

All deliverables should highlight vibrant, thoughtfully designed places that embody the principles of New Urbanism and feature enjoyment of those places by racially, age- and ability-diverse people.

In accordance with organizational best practices, CNU seeks to rebid outside contracts every five years. With this RFP, CNU is looking for a designer to build upon the work done in the past five years on (1) Congress branding and materials, (2) Charter Awards branding and materials, and (3) the organization’s brand identity and occasional special projects. Designs, materials, and templates should confirm and enhance CNU's current brand identity and expression across print and online platforms. Each area’s collateral materials should have a unique brand, yet a complementary visual style.

This contract would establish a five-year relationship with the vendor chosen, from Autumn 2019 until Autumn 2024. The contract would be evaluated annually and is eligible for renewal in 2024. Individual projects will still be subject to negotiation throughout the term of the contract. Awarding of this contract does not guarantee or constitute prior agreement to any fixed prices for deliverables.

For the full RFP, please see this link.

Contact info: 

Lisa Schamess, Communications Manager

312.551.7300, extension 702