City of Richmond
Close date: 
Sunday, December 24, 2017

Location: Richmond, VA

Planner III - Zoning Specialist

The Department of Planning & Development Review (PDR) is hiring for the position of Planner III - Zoning Specialist.

The ideal candidate will work well in the framework of the team environment, but also be confident and capable working individually and in groups with neighborhood and community groups across our increasingly diverse population.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Leading City-initiated updates to the Zoning Map for areas of the City where the existing zoning is outdated and not in compliance with the City's Master Plan recommendations;
  • Providing staff support to the City's Board of Zoning Appeals;
  • Analyzing, preparing, developing and presenting ordinances, plans and projects in one or more phases of planning work;
  • Researching and developing reports that evaluate public and private projects involving the full range of land use, transportation, environmental, demographic, and development issues in the City, and evaluating consistency with plans and policies of the City;
  • Conducting research and analysis, writing reports and making presentations and recommendations to neighborhood groups, the Urban Design Committee, the Planning Commission and City Council;
  • Serving on various planning teams and working on various pro2jects and issues, including environment, transportation, land use, development and real estate;
  • Representing the City and the department on internal and external committees, boards and working groups;
  • Developing amendments to the City's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances and working to gain consensus from community groups, property owners and the development community for approval by the Planning Commission and City Council;
  • Initiating and leading inter-departmental review of development projects;
  • Evaluating and helping draft capital improvement proposals affecting the City of Richmond's long-range Richmond 300 Master Plan;
  • Managing planning processes including coordination of contractor and consultants, interdisciplinary staff, stakeholders and representatives from outside organizations;
  • Communicating on an ongoing basis with neighborhood groups, City staff, citizens and the private and public development community around planning and development issues;
  • Working with architects, developers and other City staff in developing conceptual designs and monitoring design development reviews;
  • Researching, evaluating and communicating proposed changes to the City's Ordinances;
  • Attending professional seminars and workshops to maintain current knowledge of state and national trends and developments.

All candidates must apply at to be considered for this position.  The position will be advertised from December 10-24, 2017.  Please see the complete job announcement on the City of Richmond’s website.