Introducing the new CNU Municipal Membership

Sam Warlick, Friday, August 28, 2015

This week, CNU is proud to announce the launch of our new Municipal Membership program. Open to all cities and towns, the program is a new level of CNU membership designed specifically to equip a forward-thinking community and its leaders with the tools to welcome growth, strengthen infrastructure, and plan for the future.

Building on CNU's successful membership program for individuals and organizations, the Municipal Membership program offers a highly customized experience that meets the challenges of uniting elected officials, professional staff, and community members behind common goals. Each participating city or town works with CNU staff to develop a custom curriculum and identify key barriers to implementing the principles of New Urbanism locally. The ideal municipal membership will span multiple years, building a strong, lasting relationship between CNU experts and local leaders.

Benefits of the Municipal Membership program include:

  • Ten Urbanist memberships and all associated individual benefits.
  • Five 4-day registrations to CNU's annual Congress.
  • CNU's Answer Alley: a new service that offers quick, immediate technical advice from some of the best minds in design, transportation, and planning.
  • Customized training on a range of subjects, including CNU's new Creating Great Places: a Core Curriculum course.
  • A $75 discount per CNU-Accreditation exam registration.

CNU's Municipal Membership plan is available immediately to qualifying towns and cities. For more information, visit the CNU membership page or contact Deputy Director Abigail Sheridan.

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